A Few More Bits of Information

I was tagged again! Here goes...

What were you doing ten years ago?

I had been married almost two years and had a two-month-old daughter. I was driving my "non-mom", 2- door Acura (still miss it). I was working at a rehabilitation hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Texas. I actually had a paycheck! Ahhh...the days :)

5 Things on my "to-do" list today...

  • put away 2 loads of laundry and throw 2 more loads in the washer/dryer
  • straighten up a basket of kid books that are way out of control
  • call my dad (Happy Birhday!)
  • change sheets
  • read!

6 Snacks that I enjoy...

  • walnuts or pecans
  • peanut M&M!'s
  • ice cream (now banned from the grocery list, thank you :)
  • triscuits and cream cheese (or cheddar slices)
  • chocolate soymilk
  • the leftover frosting (yea-also on the "banned" list)

3 Bad Habits...

  • staying up late
  • letting receipts stack up before entering them in the computer
  • before I leave the house I have to straighten up, etc-thus making me always run later than I would like.....

If I were suddenly a billionaire I would...
do the usual things like pay off debt for me and my family...travel...buy a nice house...donate to church and charity.....but I think I would do it anonymously :)

5 Places I've Lived...(o.k....6)

  • Texas (Houston, Austin, Dallas/Lewisville, Abilene)
  • Europe (England, Germany)
5 Jobs I've Had...(besides a mom)

  • Hospital Admissions/QA/Medical Records Clerk
  • Sales Clerk at Dillard's
  • GA (Graduate Assistant)-but I didn't wear the long skirts and Birkenstocks ;)
  • Speech-Language Pathologist in acute care and rehabilitation
  • Day Care Teacher ( infant room and 18-month-olds)-summer after high school graduation..a "paid mom"
5 Things People Don't Know About Me...

  • I drink tea every day. I occasionally drink coffee if I'm at a fancy coffee place, but a cup of tea is the norm (with milk and some sugar). It's both soothing and reviving.
  • I really enjoy being pregnant. I usually feel really good (except the last pregnancy, where I was more tired and felt more pains). I don't evision ever having more than these five sweet babies in my house, so the pregnancy phase is over. Honestly, I would be a surrogate mother for family or friends if I were younger and didn't need a C-section.
  • I love to plan a pamper myself day at least once a year. It's usually my birthday. I like to have a facial and either a pedicure or manicure. I have to always have my toes painted. I hate having bare toes!
  • My mom told me one time that if I had more friends than I could count on one hand, than I should consider myself lucky. I consider myself BLESSED :)
  • I change decorations in the house for different seasons and holidays. The kids enjoy it and it helps us transition throughout the year.
5 People I'm Tagging...
whomever wants to share!

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I love what your mom told you about friends. That is pretty cool.

I remember I heard once that usually you only make a short few real, true, life-long friends. The older I get, the more truth I see in it. There are so many people I thought I would always be "best" friends with, but for some reason things change. But there are the very few who will be a friend forever.

Betsy said...

Hey you. I got your last tag but am having trouble with the settings on blogger, can't seem to get in hard returns so it all runs together and is hard to read...any tips? Good stuff here! Take care