Logan on his special day

Logan received an "Elmo Live" for his birthday. He loves him! Elmo is very animated and tells stories, sings, sits down, and makes silly noises. Ugh. This is such a cute picture of Logan with Elmo, but the mis-matched pants are a disaster! Logan apparently got his jeans dirty and some fashion challenged soul put Thomas the Train pajamas on him in preparation for bed. *sigh*.
Logan also received a fun tool kit from our newly discovered local store "Ernstings Family". Different name-cute things! Usually I am the good mom who bakes a cool cake. Not so for this occasion. I think after the holidays I just am not in the mood to bake. I bought these plain cupcakes at the commissary and decorated them.
What else could we fit into the day? Well, Allen had a minor day surgery and Nicholas had a 50's theme dance at his school. We ate Chinese after we picked up Daddy. The picture is a few down-I can't get the pictures to move around. Arghh!

Logan started off his day with a pain au chocolate from the local bakery. Yes~he did go to the store in his pajamas. Every morning we go to the bus and Ryan's school in pajamas (him, not me) because I just can't get six people dressed, fed and out the door by seven. Something had to give! Here is Logan with Super Grover. My friend Jill gave him to me years ago. I love him. Until now, he has only made rare appearances and generally hides out in my hope chest. Okay-I finally updated, somewhat. For some reason these pictures won't move, and several have been delated in the correction process.