A bloggy love shout out

I have to give a shout out to a fabulously funny mom whom I actually know in blog-land!! She has a great outlook on life and really made my day this morning when I read her blog Hausfrau4now.

I have already been a Mom-zilla with the kids before they left at 7 AM. Hmmm...7 AM.....could THAT have been the reason? Anyway, Lauren has been really frustrating with her lack of listening and concern when she is asked to do something (like, say...clean her room). I walked in this morning to see a huge pile of clothes on her extra bed (she has twin beds), cups, bowls, water bottles, kleenex (both new and used--ewww), Barbies, Reeses candy...you name it piled on her desk. Well, it all went in the trash can and can be retrieved (if necessary) when she gets home from school. If not? Well, we will have a few less Barbies and fashion clothing to move this summer. I think I am going to get back to that book , "Children Who Do Too Little" by Patricia Sprinkle. She even has a website!

I thought we had a glimpse of spring this weekend, but then a mini hurricane blew through Sunday, and a dusting of snow occurred this morning in the nearby village where the kids go to school. So I guess we will have a few more weekends to get some house projects done. Where did all of this stuff come from?!?! Oh yeah-five kids and a tired, solo parenting mom who moved us the last time while hubby was still relaxing...I mean deployed in Crete. It's catch up time!