A bloggy love shout out

I have to give a shout out to a fabulously funny mom whom I actually know in blog-land!! She has a great outlook on life and really made my day this morning when I read her blog Hausfrau4now.

I have already been a Mom-zilla with the kids before they left at 7 AM. Hmmm...7 AM.....could THAT have been the reason? Anyway, Lauren has been really frustrating with her lack of listening and concern when she is asked to do something (like, say...clean her room). I walked in this morning to see a huge pile of clothes on her extra bed (she has twin beds), cups, bowls, water bottles, kleenex (both new and used--ewww), Barbies, Reeses candy...you name it piled on her desk. Well, it all went in the trash can and can be retrieved (if necessary) when she gets home from school. If not? Well, we will have a few less Barbies and fashion clothing to move this summer. I think I am going to get back to that book , "Children Who Do Too Little" by Patricia Sprinkle. She even has a website!

I thought we had a glimpse of spring this weekend, but then a mini hurricane blew through Sunday, and a dusting of snow occurred this morning in the nearby village where the kids go to school. So I guess we will have a few more weekends to get some house projects done. Where did all of this stuff come from?!?! Oh yeah-five kids and a tired, solo parenting mom who moved us the last time while hubby was still relaxing...I mean deployed in Crete. It's catch up time!

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Anne said...

Welcome in the club of kids who just don't understand the fact that maybe the trashcan can welcome their trash! Where are those sweet kids that use to pick up when they were 2 or 3 and put everything in the trash for me? MIA I guess, and talking about MIA:
Don't you find that amazing that spouse tend to be MIA when the moving day is there?? I wonder why??

The Smiths said...

You are too cute - yes this is my world too! I love throwing things away...I might just use that trash can too!

BAHGL said...

oh girl,
I understand the rampage of Momma! I often go through the rooms and clear out under beds, closets and occasionally drawers!
I need to check out that book! Thanks!

BAHGL said...

I just looked the book up on Amazon and she also has a book called "Women Who Do Too Much"... I thought that was interesting.

Rachel said...

Trash Day is my favorite day of the week. Sometimes we do a 101 quick throw away challenge. We scour the house looking for things to toss. It's quite fun!!

I'm glad I found your blog! I'll be following now.

Blessings to you!

The Household 6 Diva said...

It was SO lovely to MEET you in person today!!! I had no idea we lived in the same area!! :)

I just wish I'd had my camera handy to snap some pictures! You are the first person I've ever met through blogging - so I was a little surprised!

I hope everything goes well with your upcoming move! And let me know if you're ever in town again!

ps. My friend is SO excited about her new stroller - she has three boys under 5 so it will definitely be loved by their family!

Processo said...

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Cassy said...

this is an adorable blog :D

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voip services said...

You are too cute - yes this is my world too! I love throwing things away...I might just use that trash can too!