You do what you gotta do

I was doing dinner on my own tonight. I wanted a simple cook and clean-up experience, so I went with my "stand-by" of cheese-eggs in wheat tortillas and sliced fruit. Since I completely wanted to avoid the CHA-OS that has been a reoccurring dinner event, I found myself doing the following:

I made some cinnamon rolls (the pop-up kind---eeekk---HATE opening them) and proclaimed that ANY bad behavior, complaining or lack of eating dinner would result in NO cinnamon roll. Nada. Not even a smidgen of icing.

It worked.

As parents, we try not to give sweets as a reward, but I had a feeling this would be the golden ticket.

After dinner, my daughter and I cleaned up the table while my oldest son helped his brother get into his pyjamas. I then told the boys that they could watch 10-15 minutes of SB (the square, yellow guy), while I folded laundry.

Yep. Used it as a babysitter.

A book was read and bedtime was a breeze.

Chaos contained.
No guilt.whatsoever.

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Jennifer said...

I'm going to try this too!! Glad your first night went smoothly.

Anne said...

You rock
Just remember to book a babysitter for one of those night, and go out with your Girlfriend! Cause you will need it for your sanity!!
Believe me, My hubby has been stationed out of our state for over 5 years now, in and out of the house sometime every weekend sometime every other sometime months. I am a Crazy woman!! Ask my kids!! but it is THEIR fault, so... no complains! AH!

BAHGL said...

Oh Andrea, this is too funny!!

When Hayden was just a baby a dear friend of mine gave me some parenting advice! She was a mother of 6 so I listened attentivly as she spoke words of wisdom. "Parenting is ALL about Bribbery!"
I guess she was right!

I miss you girl!

imbeingheldhostage said...

hee hee, I feel like I just found my twin!

First, I am now craving cinnamon rolls, and that girl with the football shaped head (lo hicimos) is our babysitter at the moment :-)

Suffolk? near the base?
We're in Norfolk, as far as we could get away without anyone freaking out for recall time response.
You five, me five. You twilight, I have a serious problem (and refuse to get counseling) ;-)

Loukia said...

And you have NOTHING to feel guilty about! Sounds like a lovely evening.

mindy said...

Hey there!

Just thought I'd pop in and see how you guys were doing! Hope all is going well!

PS - the cinnamon rolls look so yummy!!