90% Complete

I was jamming along with Queensryche, Lady Gaga and Linkin Park yesterday at the gym. Upon reaching the 3.5 mile point (yes!) on the elliptical, a message popped up "90% complete". It was good timing. I had my eye on the bored two-year-old escaping once again from the gated play area. It occurred to me: This deployment for all of us is 90% complete as well ("YES!"). I started thinking about all of the little jobs around the house that I wanted to get done before he gets home and how I was going to make time to get them done while still keeping up with the kids' activities. As anxiety set in, I began pondering, "Who has had the easier job?".

Allen left in early May for a fun-filled summer opportunity with promises of lots of heat and sand should a sand castle building desire strike him. He has not had an eventful summer and often refers to his days as being similar to those of "Groundhog Day". I wish that he had been able to see more of the Middle East-the landscape and its people.

We have managed fairly well here at home. Sleepovers, friends, Vacation Bible School, fests, and picnics have filled our days. We have also kept busy with family visiting and glorious trips to Paris, Garmisch/Austria, Luxembourg, Riems, Trier, and Bernkastel-Kues. I feel somewhat guilty that he was not able to join us, but knowing that this is our last full summer in Europe...we needed to see some places!

It is hard being the only parent. It seems to be a time when everything breaks....or needs to be cleaned out...or up. I've had to be the "bug manager". I've had to get a part changed on the van and change out headlight bulbs. I've taken out the trash/recycle items.....mowed the grass that was knee high. I've cleaned out storage containers and still *sigh* need to clean out more before we pack up next summer. I've wiped noses and taken care of summer coughs. I've read books, helped with homework, colored Lightening McQueen pages and cleaned up Play-doh. But, I've been able to get the hugs, the kisses, the early morning wake ups....and don't forget the spilled cereal......

So, yes, I have definitely had the harder part physically to take care of five children and a house-and myself. However, I have been with them for all of the glorious summer events, smiles...and trips.

I have the memories.

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5 fabulous friends:

BAHGL said...

Oh Andrea, I love your honesty in this post!! No one ever promised that being a Military Wife was easy but you are a shining example of a wife who just keeps going!!
God Bless you my friend!!
Where to next??

The Blogivers said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog - always fun to have a new reader! :)

Bilary said...

I'm so excited for your hubby to come home to you and your sweet kiddos! I still don't know how you do it - especially when the kids get sick. That's when I really need an extra pair of hands. I love the way you can see the silver lining in all of the time you get with your kids. They are so blessed to have such an amazing mommy!:)

imbeingheldhostage said...

It's so sad what they miss isn't it? I get frustrated and think, "we had five kids so that I could raise them alone?" But then I realize that we had five kids and poor guy has to be away from them during graduations, birthdays, firsts etc...

Good for you traveling and seeing Europe! Your kids are very fortunate with your positive outlook.

Nili said...

So awesome that you guys are 90% done!
We start Jan 4 until sometime in October. I have gone through deployments before but never with a kiddo.
Blessings to you guys!