Dear Mr. Weatherman

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

It is a busy time of year for you, I know. I need you to understand something. I am a Texas girl, you see. I am used to snow falling and lasting maybe......five hours......not two weeks!!! You have to understand that we live on a very steep and slippery hill. I watch the experienced German drivers sliding around on the hill, and I know better to let my Texas icy weather driving skills get the better of me. I really do not enjoy sliding up and down hills with a car full of kids squealing. Honestly.

And speaking of kids, my children must despise any sort of winter gear because it takes forever to get gloves, hats, coats and scarves assembled in the morning. This is just time that we don't have to spare, you see. All of the aforementioned gear is then taken off immediately as the car starts to move, and relocated and donned again when we reach our destination. Extra time...are you seeing the trend here?? These crazy kids actually toss gloves and hats everywhere so that we often are missing items mid-journey. These items are supposed to last us all winter, and we already are missing quite a few things. It takes time to locate these things-- time we don't have. So, mis-matched gloves it is.

Speaking of time, I just don't have those extra ten minutes before seven a.m. to de-ice the car. Can we limit the ice, rain and fog a bit? Come'on...it's just December 1st. Ya Know??? Give us a break.

We decided to walk to the bus stop this morning, but our experienced German bus driver was running a tad bit early. Obviously our slipping down the hill did not increase our speed...so we missed the bus. That is not a great way to start the week, I tell you.

I am asking that you consider toning the weather down just a little and letting us ease into this winter state-of-mind. I certainly could use the time to gain better patience, driving skills and just readjust my schedule a bit so we can make it on time, safely.

No need to respond, just help out if you would.

A Busy Household

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BAHGL said...

Andrea, You are too funny!!
I the weatherman gets your letter and responds to you!!


Jennifer P. said...

I never did experience winter in Germany--but the description seems to match! Especially the bus driver just taking off. Darn punctual Germans! :) I never did meet one that was late for ANYTHING!!!

Here's hoping for a bit of warmth for you for Christmas (Fröliche Weinachten!)

Veronica Lee said...

I wish you could experience the warm weather - 35degrees celcius in my sunny country, Malaysia where summer is all year round.

Bilary said...

I am rolling here. I know that it isn't funny for you, and that I shouldn't be laughing. But I can't help it. I am picturing you with five kids sliding down a hill as you scream for the bus driver to wait. You gotta admit it paints a funny picture. I don't blame you for having a hard time with it though, especially knowing that you are from Texas. Since I'm from Utah, that sort of thing doesn't get to me. The snow ten days before the 4th of July bothered me. I didn't think last winter was ever going to end. And even though I am from Utah, I still hate driving in the slippery snow. I don't know how you get really used to that.

I hope that the rest of your week goes better. I will be praying for you that the snow will stop and the sun will come out for you!:)

MamaNeena said...

What a hoot! I would certainly say you deserve the break. You've got enough kids in your brood that I say you take your break in...Aruba!

Andrea said...

Okay guys-he didn't listen because the snow got worse!! School was even canceled-and that is rare for a snow day. I need to take a driving course in icy conditions. Seriously. Is it spring yet? Wait-winter hasn't even officially started :)!!!

Susan said...

I guess you don't want to hear how it is a nice 64 degrees here in Florida??? You see, I am ready for winter. We were working on our house the other day and it was so humid and hot that it was just horrible. Get some chains on those tires.

Good luck to you.

Nili said...

Thanks Andrea!
We headed here July 07 from Turkey and are holding out and hoping for a Germany assignment! We traveled in Europe quite a bit from Turkey and would just love to live there.

Do the Bum G diapers really adjust? I've been looking at the 3.0 ones and think they are what I want to go with but know no one that uses them. Thanks for the help.

This stuffiness is just unbelievable...I hope it eases up a bit. I could hardly eat dinner last night b/c I needed to breathe and none of the medication that I can take seems to help, the humidifier is helping but not as much as I wish it could.


bernthis said...

Everyone seems to be writing to Santa asking for stuff ie: boobs, better weather and so I will again ask that should this work out for you, CALL ME cause I'm gonna put in for a boyfriend and hope Santa is willing to help out a nice Jewish girl with no life.

Jen said...

Oh I sure hope that he listens. Please, listen Mr Weatherman.

Rhea said...

Oh, man, I hear ya. De-icing, finding and keeping up with all the outer gear. What a pain! Especially when you have a huge load of children like you do!

I can't imagine snow lasting two weeks either. We're lucky if it lasts 24 hours here, as you know.