I'm back!

After a very long, unscheduled blog break....I am working on several posts. It's amazing how the last eighteen days have flown by! I have been checking blogs, leaving some comments and updating Faceb@@k, but the thought of a long post has been daunting.

Yikes! I have ideas swimming in my head and photos hanging out on the flash drive. Besides the normal day-to-day mundane tasks of laundry, school runs, after school activities, cleaning, blah, blah---here are some of the things we have been doing:

  • celebrating two birthdays and planning another in a few weeks!
  • celebrating St. Nicholas Day
  • having pictures with Santa Claus
  • attending the annual squadron Holiday party
  • ice skating, lasagna and sleepover with friends
  • buying and trimming the tree
  • Christmas markets
  • a visit from a friend in the UK with their sweet baby
  • school Christmas music production
Here are some things that we/I am still working on:
  • holiday/Christmas cards
  • wrapping gifts
  • mailing boxes of gifts
  • finishing Logan's stocking
  • I am sure there are other things that I am completely blocking out!
Be back soon! Promise.

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