Keukenhof Gardens

Lauren and I hopped on a bus full of mothers and kids (except the bus drivers) at 3 a.m. last weekend and went to see these.

And hop on water among the swans.

Bougainvillea reminds me of Mexico!
Look how large these are on the right, as compared to the regular tulips on the left.
The yellow ones are called "World Peace". I'll take 2o million dozen, please.

The "Holland Queen" above. We drove six hours to see "Dallas"......tulip, (below) that is. I love the feathery pink quality.

I am not sure why I wanted a picture of me when I had been up all night and had just one small cup of coffee to keep me going!

A local farmhouse near the garden perimeter. Wouldn't that be a nice view!

Where's Waldo? Erhm..Lauren.
The entrance to Keukenhof Gardens-The Netherlands. Yes, the French flag does look similar, just vertical.

I won't bore or entertain you with the bus details just yet. I will say that I am always amazed at the "group phenomenon" or lack of conformity in a group activity.

We did get to eat these for breakfast with bread and butter. Chocolate for breakfast?!? When in Holland.......

5 fabulous friends:

Allison said...

beautiful! I loved Keukenhof!! :)

Anne said...

So gorgeous, Wish I could have gone with you. Next time, just pack me in your suitcase! ;0) Too bad the sun wasn't with you all! but then the photos might not have been so good!

Casey said...

Glad you enjoyed Keukenhoff! I timed my visit wrong I suppose, everything was dead. Booo!

Texas State was known as Southwest Texas until 2003. San Marcos, just down the road from UT. :)

Nili said...

this looks like a wonderful trip...beautiful pictures!

Andrew said...

Thanks for the comment and the kind words regarding Celia. She's exhausted with two of them running around, I have no idea how you handle 5. Best of luck though and the deployment will be finished before you know it.