• The sky is full of clouds.
  • My calendar is full of school-related/social papers to add to its contents.
  • The laundry basket is full of clothes to be put away; the washer and dryer are also full.
  • My head is full of sinus drainage.
  • My head is full of ideas that I want to accomplish/visit/try.
  • My "To-Do" list is full of tasks to clean out, organize, complete, call.....
  • Our weekend is full of activities--Trier Ostermarkt, parent sport meetings, donation sorting (clothes).
  • My library bag is full of overdue books to be returned.
  • My inbox is still full-mainly spam.
My patience with the whiny two-year-old and busy four-year-old is empty. My days of free childcare are numbered. It's time to start making a plan.

7 fabulous friends:

Chelly said...

The Ostermarkt is this weekend? Man, and the husband has weekend duty... Go figure! The kids would have loved that...

bernthis said...

I so so so so hear you on this one.

Anonymous said...

First, I love the new look!

Second, be sure your plans include lots of wine and pedicures and you're bound to survive!

BAHGL said...

oh honey,
I can TOTALLY understand a FULL plate!
I was enjoying the simple life the first 6 months after our move here! But now, life has kicked in and we are back to an overflowing plate!!
My ironing friend was actually American but has lived in the UK for so long, I guess she could be considered part Engligh!! HE HE!!
My FAV restraunt in the UK was Nandos! It is Portuguese Chicken. Did you ever eat there?? YUM!!

Angie Atkinson said...

I understand feeling FULL! It's one of the blessings/questionable conditions of motherhood. :) Very cool post, I love the concept.

Bilary said...

I didn't know you were back to blogging! YAY! Good to have you back. I've missed you! I just caught up on all of your posts, and I loved all of them! i LOVE the pictures of you and your hubby together. They are so cute!

Your most recent post hit my life on the nose. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and I really need to get a plan too. :) You are so darling though, and way too creative. What a great post idea. I wish I were as clever as you are. You're amazing!

Natalie said...

i know how busy you are! it always seems that busy in another country and while dealing with another language is so much more busy than here in the states. although i do have some friends who are rarely all at home together as a family. i can't handle so much busy. not at all!