Snail Crossing??

I saw this posted in a parking area recently.

I'm not sure exactly what it means....but I will be looking out for slow moving snails.

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Angie said...


Okay I have been doing some research and I think it is a snail warning sign. I came across this site while doing some research so seriously be on the lookout for those snails.

Allison said...

Interesting. I do remember the first year we were here and how after it rained a few times the snails (well slugs, I guess..no shells on their back) were COVERING the streets...and a friend of mine said he was riding his bike and they were being smashed and snail guts were spraying up onto his legs!!!! SOOOO GROSSSS!!! I guess there did need to be a sign :)

Natalie said...

they must be some pretty big snails to warrant a warning side. i'd definitely be on the lookout if i were you!

Casey said...

As opposed to watching out for the fast moving snails? :) Ha! I also enjoy the old people crossing signs. I need to get a pic!