Where I left off

I honestly had no idea as I loaded Logan's birthday pictures a few months ago and left it unedited (crazy blog wouldn't let me move the pictures and kept deleting pictures/text), that I would take such a loooooooong hiatus from blogging.

I've missed it.

I've missed reading people's updates and little peeks into their lives. Funny sayings and events-I've missed you, too.

I have found myself adopting a different life away from my green laptop. I have stopped coming up with blog events, titles and pictures. It was strange from the life I had been living this past year.

Even now, as I type I can see that this will take baby steps to get back into this groove ~where I left my blog hanging. Logan has emptied out the fridge magnet basket at my side and smeared peanut butter from his face on my arm (ewww); the dryer cycle has finished; and there is a basket from my kitchen that I need to clear out on my other side. I am pretty positive that most of the school correspondence in it is now outdated. *Sigh* I am surrounded by things to pick up and sort in the next hour before I venture out into the drizzle and get the kids from school.

Just to give you a glimpse of what we have been doing, here are a few pictures from the past month. I visited Metz, France with a friend and her kids on a recent Sunday. It rained pretty much all day, but in Europe you cannot let that stop you! If you waited for a nice, sunny day---you might not see much of anything. Besides, the sun, clouds and rain are fleeting~sometimes. Allen stayed home with most of the kids. I say most since Lauren was snowboarding in France for the day with a neighbor and her son. Allen's only request is that I bring back some fresh bread from the patisserie. Most stores are closed in Germany on Sunday, so it was a nice break to get away to France. My friend, Jennifer and I made a nice discovery of a rose jam from the crepe vendor in Place de Jacque. It is an unusual sweet, rose-infused syrup. Nice on scones, pancakes, ice cream.........who would have thought?!? Funny story about the french bread: I told Nicholas that I went to France to get the bread that we enjoyed with pasta the next day. A few days ago I went to the local backerie to get some bread for dinner. I returned after 10-15 minutes and Nicholas asked me "How did you get the bread so fast??". He was asssuming that you always have to go to France to get french bread. If we could all be so lucky.

The "Rose Window" inside the cathedral.
Cathedral front entrance adorned with many saints.Some men's fashion that were questionable. Who knows? This might be the next big trend.
Cobbled, narrow streets are so lovely!

A nice sample of gateau in a patisserie window
It was dark in the cathedral, but this is a very ornate confessional inside.
Metz Cathedral. I love that lamp in the right-hand corner.

4 fabulous friends:

MamaNeena said...

Welcome back! I sure hope you get your groove back!

Chelly said...

I keep meaning to head to Metz, but just haven't gone yet. I have heard it is beautiful and from your pictures, I see that it is... Maybe once the weather warms up I will take the kids!

BAHGL said...

Hello my sweet friend!!

I can't believe Little Loganis all ready two years old! It sure doesn't seem like it has been that long!

I am sorry that life has been so busy for you. I totally understand.

Love ya,

Nili said...

I like the new settings..welcome back! We discovered Rose Jam in Turkey...yummy...I wish I could get it here in TX.