Picture perfect


I love seeing these pictures of the kids! We tempted fate last week on a rainy day and had a photo shoot near a local field. Shauna spent so much time getting to know the kids and took tons of shots! She is so talented and fun. We have been blessed to know her. Maybe our paths will cross again some day in Texas. I can't wait to see the rest. This is just a preview.

Now we return to regularly scheduled baseball games and practices, softball games and practices, appointments, school activities, laundry, hip-hop dance class, youth group...........be back soon.

4 fabulous friends:

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! Well done!

Jennifer said...

Love the pictures!! She did a great job. You are inspiring me to have some much needed pictures taken of my family.

Angie said...

These are amazing! Did you get any with you and the kids?

Andrea said...

We do have some of me and the kids together (Allen was still at work), but I haven't seen them yet.