Nicholas had a great T-ball season. This is the second year that he has played, so next year will be coach pitch. The season only lasts 6-7 weeks, but we were constantly second-guessing the weather and getting rained out several times. Nicholas had #6 this year, and last year apparently . Initially this very traumatic since it's all about the number, right??

He had some pretty good hits this season, one of the best being after his dad left. We wish Daddy had been there to see it! A double! In T-ball world, that is great when it goes into the outfield on its own (i.e. somebody doesn't kick it out there).

All little brothers must play in the dirt while waiting for the game to end. It's in the rules. I checked.
At the end of the season there must be a cookout with sticky cupcakes. You must eat two. Again, I checked the rules.

A trophy=happiness. Whatever happened to all of my trophies from my childhood?? Probably in the attic at my dad's house, just waiting for me to retrieve them someday. Eeeek.
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3 fabulous friends:

Jon and Steph said...

How fun! I bet he is so proud of that trophy!

Jennifer said...

Gotta love the sporting days! He will treasure that trophy forever. ALL of my trophies are being "housed" at my mom's house too!

Bilary said...

Your kids are absolutely darling! This post made me all nostalgic for the good ole days when I used to play softball. Those are awesome childhood memories.