Summer, already???

It seems like yesterday we were welcoming spring! Ryan's kindergarten class had a Fruhlingfest in April to welcome spring. They sang songs (in German) and wore flower hats. They tied these little ribbons on a tree as a sign of the upcoming spring days. On a side note, I volunteered to bring a cake to share. In the UK the American cakes and cake mixes would sell quickly at school events because the British cakes tend to be dense and not as sweet. Interpret this as not very tasty. I'm sorry to admit this, but I did not like the cakes in the UK. There were many, many other things that I liked though!! Okay-anyway----I thought that bringing cupcakes would be a hit. Only several people took the cupcakes and here is why~~~You should have seen the cakes that people brought!! They were gorgeous! They had these fancy designs and cream frostings. I had to ask if they were store-made. That's how fabulous they were~they put my cupcakes to shame, even if my cupcakes had the cute caterpillar icing decors on them and were stacked nicely on the cupcake stand. They didn't stand a chance.

We experienced the longest day of the year yesterday, although we didn't see much sun! It was a strange weather day where the sun would be out, then cloudy, then rain and wind, sunshine, cloud, etc. We have had a mild spring/summer so far in Germany. You just never know about the weather from day to day! It makes planning ahead for outing and clothing very difficult!! There have been several days that were warm enough to swim outside in the pool or play in the water, but most have been mild with sun/clouds.

Now that it is finally summer, we are planning on spending more time here.

Or doing this.

Admiring these.

Hopefully we can do more of this!!

Or maybe just doing this.

You never know where you will find us this season.

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3 fabulous friends:

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the heads up with the cakes here...I'll know next year for Jacque! I just came inside because I was cold...yes cold in the middle of June. The weather is crazy here for sure!!:)

Bilary said...

Wow, I just got a chance to catch up on your blog. You are still one busy lady! You do so many fun things all the time. I gotta say, the McFit is a fantastic idea! Why hasn't it made it to the states yet? Hmmm....Franchise idea maybe? ;)

And for the record, I bet your cupcakes were fabulous. I would eat them any day!

Your post about your husband made me want to cry. I still don't know how you do it without him around. I don't think I would make it.

I got your message the other day. I'm sorry. This past weekend was so crazy. My life is just crazy right now. But I loved listening to your message! I know what your voice sounds like now!!! I can't wait to have an actual conversation with you!!!:)

imbeingheldhostage said...

I had to giggle at your very polite way of saying the cakes are awful :-) I'm like you, cupcakes are always a hit here. Was it fun for you the first time a kid came home with a party with cake wrapped in a napkin? It's always got jam on it as well.

Happy beginning of summer for you!