My other half

I wouldn't have five children if it weren't for my wonderful husband. Except for the obvious reasons, I just could not do it without his daily help and support. He is a loving and fun dad-sometimes finding humor in a situation when I am thoroughly annoyed. After working long days, he often comes home and helps with dinner, dishes, after school activities, homework-you name it. He is always ahead of the game when it comes to gift giving occasions-never skimping or forgetting. He doesn't even mind if I buy myself flowers frequently- for no occasion at all.

Before we got married we discussed having children, but I do not think that the number five was ever part of the equation. We had no idea how our lives would change and be enriched by these vivacious little people.

Today we are celebrating him, even though he is stationed far away in a desert location. Maybe he is building sandcastles today? The kids talked with him briefly today since we had used up most of our hour earlier in the week. They sang "Happy Father's Day" with the birthday tune.

Before he left he mentioned that one of the things that he would miss the most is having them run and hug his legs when he came in the door after work. I am beginning to really miss that, too.

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4 fabulous friends:

The Smiths said...

Make me cry!!! I count myself lucky too...Thank goodness for devoted husbands and fathers!

Jennifer said...

I'm sure it made his day talking to the kids and listening to the song. I can imagine all the kids singing clumped together at the phone....too cute. He is already 1/4 of the way closer to coming home and then he can have all the leg hugs he wants!!

BAHGL said...

What a great special tribute to your DH!!!

imbeingheldhostage said...

ahhh, beautiful!! Thank you to him and to your whole family for the sacrifices you make. What a great tribute post.

You reminded me of what gets me down in the first few weeks of a deployment. It's knowing that if I don't do the dishes at night, they will still be there in the morning when I get up. The hubby does little things like that for me-- surprising me with an empty sink and dishwasher in the morning. I'll take that over flowers and chocolate any day :-)