While I was staying busy

...this happened.My oldest graduated from 6th grade last week! I am speechless. How could this happen? When did my little baby decide that it was okay to do this?? She received awards for A- Honor Roll this quarter, A/B- Honor Roll for the year, The President's Gold Academic Award, and some others that I cannot remember. I mentioned the big ones, right?

She graciously accepted her awards and flowers, took glam photos with her BFF friends, celebrated with a class BBQ (dunking booth included), and went merrily on her way to Middle School.

More drama to follow.

That is one thing of which I am sure.

3 fabulous friends:

Anne said...

So now you only have to get a bumber sticker that say "My honor roll student" kick A..??
Kidding. Congratulations. My oldest did that last year so I know what it feel like.
I can totally relate to your last comment, fortunatly for me, my oldest was a boy, so not too much drama.But my 5th grader is already trying to give me some. I can't wait until next year when dad will actually be living in the same house as all of us and that he can handle the drama. I'll go scrapbooking or something when drama is home! ;0)
Heading your way within the end of the month, should be in PHV (heidelberg) in after the 6 of July!! just in time to go see the fireworks in France for the 14th!

Loukia said...

Yay! Congrats to your daughter!

Jennifer said...

You must be so proud...she is such a good girl! Drama IS sure to follow:)