What are the odds?

In a house with five children, you would expect to have a few lonely socks that were needing a friend. I have a box on my washer that holds the single socks looking for a mate that I clean out every so often. Obviously it has been a while.

Look! Unbelievable!!! (I'm sure my mom would cringe about now).

What are the odds that we would have this many socks?????

And why do we own this many socks??? These are just the ones looking for a friend!?!

We have just recently stopped wearing many socks because warmer weather (finally) has meant warmer feet and less sock necessity. I guess I thought the matching sock would turn up in the next load. Crazy thinking.

I did end up doing some match making and some socks were reunited. Sadly, many were subjected to my tyranny and went into the trash bin.

To make myself feel better about throwing away all of those socks (because you KNOW I will find them someday behind a bed, in the toy box, in a bag, behind the dryer, in the LEG0S....)-

I bought these.

Peonies are one of my favorites. I remember my Mema having them in her garden. How can they not brighten your day?post signature

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Jennifer said...

I'm still giggling because I can so relate to your little sock dilemma! I mean HOW does this happen and WHERE do they go?? I don't even have a pile anymore. If they don't have a match they go in the trash!....of course I'm only doing this because it is flippin' HOT outside:)

Jennifer said...

Oops, those are beautiful flowers and I'm lovin' the color. This reminded me that "I was going to go back" and buy some flowers today at the Shoppette and I totally forgot...darn!

Jon and Steph said...

Holy night look at all of those socks!!

Those are very pretty peonies! I love fresh flowers in the house, they definitely do brighten my day ;)

Bilary said...

Okay, for starters, those flowers are beautiful! I LOVE the color! WOW!

And second, I am giggling at the socks. I think every mom can relate, and I swear the washer eats clothes. There has got to be a hungry monster in there. I can't ever explain all of the missing socks!

Nili said...

I can relate...I grew up with 7 sisters and my mom would do the same with the mismatched socks. Once a month we have a sock sort in the morning at our huge kitchen table, the socks would take up the table...A task that I dreaded as a kid. There is just 3 of us at my house and I have loners on my dryer...why why and where where are they?