Mother-Daughter Tea

I love all things tea. Several weekends ago we attended a great afternoon get together hosted by our local Girl Scouts. The room was decorated with brightly colored lanterns, balloons, teapots and flowers. We enjoyed small sandwiches, fruit, scones with jam, petit fours, tea and lemonade. Why, oh why didn't I take any pictures of the room? It was held at the Reinlander Club at Baumholder. I can only post several pictures of the girls because I just wasn't able to take pictures much of the time. I was part of the planning committee, so I was busy with check-in and registration at the beginning of the event, and then it didn't occur to me to take pictures after that because the girls were busy with craft activities-a flower pot and paper flowers.

I left looking glamorous and arrived a little early at the event to help with the final decorations. After setting up the room the previous afternoon, we just had some easy last minute preparation, right? Not so. We had stopped at the local nursery to pick up some gerbera daisies for the greeting table and the day was starting to get windy and warm. I carried those it and set those up. Well, it just so happened that the girl who had volunteered to pick up the balloons forgot, and another girl and I had to drive a short distance to pick them up. So, after cramming 150 balloons in our cars, we had to get back and quickly place them in the dining hall. The room was a little warm sans air-conditioning, and humidity was not helping my curly hair. After sitting at the front of the room with registration (and sadly the furthest from the windows/doors and thus cool air), I just wasn't in the mood to be in pictures. I thought these were cute of the girls, though. They had a great time with their friends and were a super help to pack up my teapots that were being used as centerpieces. We arrived home and I took off my 3-inch wedge heels. Ahhh....what was I thinking anyway?

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Rhea said...

The girls look adorable all dressed up! I wish we had a picture of you too, in those wedges. I haven't been to a tea in quite a while. What fun!! Boys don't really do tea.

150 balloons is a LOT of balloons to fit into a couple of cars. Wow! I had to stuff about 12 in my car last week and it took up a lot of room. lol

Fun post!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to tea. I should put that on my list of things to try.

Bilary said...

How fun. That would make for a super fun birthday party. I'm always looking for something fun to do in that arena.

(Except we Mormons are stiffs in that department. Does Kool-Aid or lemonade count?) You just gotta laugh at the adjustments we make. Seriously. Sometimes it really is laughable.

Sorry I have been away. Hectic weekend. I felt like crap. I can't kick this horrible cold. Nasty! Anyway, I am for the most part back! YAY!

Andrea said...

Oh no! No tea? And I am guessing no coffee? I didn't know that? How do people stay awake? ;). I will have a cup for you. I think I would have to have a serious talk with somebody in a high position :)

Tea parties are great for little girls with the boas, lemonade, gloves and little cakes. Great pics also!