Those days are coming

A few days ago the phone rang and a young boy told me his name and asked to speak to my ten-year-old daughter. What? Who is this guy? Surely not?!?

I asked her later about the call and she said he was just asking about a test. It was the last week of school! What are the chances that a test is scheduled?

This evening the phone rang again, but before I could answer it, it was quickly picked up on the third floor, by someone in "The Princess Suite". (There really is a two-bedroom area up there with a separate bath for the "princess", as I sometimes graciously and frustratingly call her).

Hmmm...I need to do some more investigating. I'm really not ready for my daughter to receive calls from boys for anything other than school related work. School is over for the year, by the way. It's time for some quick intervention.

3 fabulous friends:

LiteralDan said...

Batten down the hatches and break out the shotgun!

Bilary said...

Oh no! How scary! You will have to give me tips on how to handle this one! That has got to creep you out to think that "the time has come" for your daughter to start attracting the male species. AAAHHHH!!!!

Rhea said...

Uh, oh...it begins!! My 11 yr old isn't calling girls yet, but he has some friends who do. I'm SO not ready for that.