Planes, transits and minivans

The travel summary:

3-transit rides
1-crowded minivan

22-hours (from our door to the in-laws door). Sigh.

We are in the US! If we don't melt, we just might make it to the next link of our trip!

It was a long, grueling trans-Atlantic trip, where we made some enemies with our crying baby. Eh, oh well. It was warm on the flight and 9 hours is a long time to be cooped up. We did all that we could do, but our patience wore out.

We only had a little over an hour between flights, but we were doing great with collecting luggage , going through immigration and customs, re-checking the luggage, and taking a tram to the next terminal at Chicago O' Hare airport until we came to a screeching halt in the looooong security line.......and then missed our connecting flight. Bummer. They initially told us that we would have to take a flight in the morning!?! What? No way. They managed to get us onto the next flight and we were on our merry way a few hours later. A white minivan greeted us for our next journey to get to the In-Laws house. It was late, but they waited up and made the kids a snack.

We are now visiting the grandparents and having a great time. The kids love playing outside with the balls, golf clubs and bats under the trees. Grandma is getting fit chasing after them, too.

We also spent a day with great-grandma. It was so nice seeing her smiling face, getting hugs, and sharing stories. If I have half of her energy at ninety-one-----I will be thankful. She loved seeing the kids-some of them she met for the first time! She sparked Ashlyn's interest in sewing, so hopefully she will have some nice creations in the future. I am just not into sewing, and I don't even pretend that I want to be. I love other creative projects, but sewing is just not one of them. My mema would be disappointed, I know.

We have also managed to spend a day shopping at T@@rget and Old N@@vy , two stores whom I have only had the pleasure of seeing online. It was great to see them in person again! The girls were actually excited about visiting W-mart also! They cannot remember going to one when they were little. Hehe. It's the little things, right!?!

Today we went to the county fair. It was a fairly warm day, but the kids had a great time on the rides. I think their favorites were the haunted house and the sack slide. Logan even rode the carousel and the tea cups. He loved it and kept saying "whoa-whoa". We had a DQ on the way home to cool-off...... it was another first for them.

We have a visit to the Cincinnati Zoo and a wedding before we leave for our next leg of the trip. I hope this post wasn't too spacey. I think maybe the humidity is clouding my thinking. That, and jet-lag! I miss corresponding with many of you! I will do my best to catch up and comment, but forgive me if I don't in a timely manner. I will try and post some pictures, but that also means finding the cable amid the luggage. Aack!

4 fabulous friends:

Rhea said...

Good to hear from you! I was getting worried. Lots of traveling, which is exhuasting and tough with so many kids and a baby. BUT, sounds like you're having a good time! YAY!!

Bilary said...

So glad to hear form you again! I was wondering if you were traveling to the states! In that case...Welcome home! Good to have you back! I'm excited for you, but your trip sounds soooooo long and rough. Yikes!

About the sewing...I don't do it either. Sewing machines and I just don't get along. I have a nice machine and I never use it. I just am not into it at.all.

I will look forward to hearing more about your trip and hope that all goes well for you! Good luck!

LiteralDan said...

Welcome back-- I hope you guys keep enjoying yourselves!

Anonymous said...

You're in ohio...that's where my family is! I am impressed by anyone that can survive any type of flight with a baby. Go to the nearest bar...order shot...shoot...repeat! You deserve it!