Autumn Adventures

Here are some fun things that we have enjoyed this season:

Watching the fog cover the hills. Isn't that beautiful!?!
Participating in the Breast Cancer 5K Walk! Cheerleading!!!
Choosing the perfect pumpkin
Visiting a local pumpkin patch
Playing at the farm Getting to know nature

Picking apples in your back garden
Deciding which apples are okay to eatEnjoying the outdoors!
Meeting my new friend! :)
Decorating the house for autumn. Here is my German bread bowl that I found at the bazaar for my birthday! I love the stuffed pumpkins also-they have the best cinnamon scent.
Enjoying the living room decor
Here is the entryway table. Can you see the sled that I found at the bazaar? It is actually one from a German kindergarten (Southeast area). Supposedly the children can actually use this when it snows!

Sampling the sweets and lebkuchen hearts at the Herbstmarkt (fall fair)
Having fun on the rides at the fall fair
Playing in the town fountains before they are turned off for winter!
Going back to school (or starting school)! !!

Begging to ride this huge ride at the herbstmarkt. Uh, no.

5 fabulous friends:

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun. If you weren't so cool I'd label you Martha Stewart!

Rhea said...

I love the sled and the bread basket! What awesome finds. You guys have been up to a lot lately. Love all the photos.

Allison said...

So fun that you found me! I love "meeting" fellow displaced Texans!

Allison said...

p.s. We're from Houston, too ;)

Bilary said...

How much fun! I LOVE that sled. It is awesome! I'd be afraid to let my kids use it. They'd be sure to break it!

Your house looks beautiful. i LOVE fall decorations. The rich colors are just too fun.

And your kids are adorable! I love all of the pictures! I wouldn't go on that huge ride either - NO WAY!