Boy Heaven

I got a glimpse of boy heaven this week. We ventured out on a gray day to a pumpkin patch near Landstuhl with our MOPS group. I was as prepared as I could be-wellies, those cool matschhose for Logan, coats, my big IKEA bag to carry pumpkins and muddy gear, euros, umbrellas, snacks and camera.

We were immediately greeted by the farm cows. They wanted to know if we had snacks-and could we share. We decided that the small bag of pretzels would not last long, so we declined and went straight for the patch. Keep in mind that it has been raining quite a bit recently. The pumpkin patch was ooey gooey with fresh, cold mud. The boys immediately began picking up all of the pumpkins and trying to stack them. It was a good thing that Logan was covered from shoulder to toes in rain gear since he spent much of the time laying on his back like a turtle with his boots tangled in the vine saying "tuck! tuck!" ("stuck" in 20 month-old language).

After shelling out ten euros for five semi-small pumpkins, and putting our goods back in the van, the group

loaded onto a trailer that was being pulled by a tractor. How cool is that for boys? We stood in the back (30+ people) and made the 400 meter trip (or so) to the farm. Logan screamed loudly at first, but was happy to try and open the gate as we drove. I didn't take a picture of the tractor since I was afraid it would leave us if I took too long.

At the farm we were able to check out the cool tractors, the farm dogs, the cows in the barn, the chickens, the pigs, the geese and more mud. Oh, and lots of animal poo. Good times. Logan was not afraid at all. He explored all venues, whether he was invited or not. Ryan was more hesitant, but when he finally touched the cow, he was not amused. "Mom! it snotted on me!". Sure enough-----a big thick string-y thing.

Surprisingly, I had no wipes, so we made do with a piece of hay and went on. Secretly, I was thinking "Eww, eww, eww", but I didn't want him to dwell on it.

This is where the photo experience ends. Of course, as with any photo op, the camera batteries died.

We rode the bumpy trailer back after a while and tried to de-mud before getting in the van. Daddy just cleaned the whole car, so I didn't want to leave too much evidence.

We bought lunch and went home for a nap. What better way for boys to enjoy the morning? Outside with mud, animals and gooey stuff. Mommy didn't even freak out with the grubbiness of it all.

I put the pumpkins out on the front step. I still haven't washed the mud off of them. Since we don't have a hose outside, I am hoping that future rain will do the job. If not, they will remain "all natural" until the BCD (BIG carving day).

4 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

What a fun day! And way to keep your cool when you didn't have a wipe. I think that would have ended my day right there. You are a much better mom than I.

And what could be more fun for a boy than rolling in mud? honestly, there are days as an adult that I have thought it would be a riot to play mud football. I'm weird. So I don't blame them for loving their day!

MamaNeena said...

Wait a sec! Are ya'll already breaking out the winter coats!?

Andrea said...

Mamaneena: The boys had a jacket on with a raincoat over it since it was drizzling that morning. We have had some 35 degree mornings already! I think it was high 40's or low 50's that morning. Not too bad. There are many locals already bundled up though!

Andrea said...

Bilary: I know, I still can't believe that I touched it! Ugh.

You? Mud football? I am amazed :) You need a wet climate!