I don't know if I have shared this, but because of our location, our children attend an army community school. This has given us a different view of military life. As an Air Force family, we have experienced few deployments, and when my husband has been away it is usually for air shows or training.

The army families experince very long 15-month deployments and they are often working in very volatile areas. When many troops left for a deployment this year I knew this day would come. Ashlyn came home with news that a first-grader at her school learned that their dad was killed today. We don't know this child, but my heart aches still. I also hate that my children have to experience this. I want to shield them from this sadness that their school community is experiencing, but this is a part of life. I just have to accept it.

It still stinks.

Please keep their family, as well as the many others in your thoughts and prayers.

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Jennifer P. said...

Yes--in my thoughts and prayers. How it hurts my heart!

Betsy said...

It is a hard dose of reality, especially for our children. I'm sorry for that family, for the children and just sorry in general. It does make a heart hurt and it does stink! There must be a better way, but what?
Keep up the good blogging, it's always a joy!

Bilary said...

Oh my goodness, that breaks my heart. I am sitting here crying just thinking about these sweet, young kids who have to face such a harsh reality at such a young age. So, so sad. I will definitely keep them in my prayers. Give your family all big hugs! Things like that really put things into perspective again and make you count your blessings. Thanks for sharing that, but my heart aches for your kids and the families who have lost loved ones.

Rhea said...

Oh, man. That's so young to have to deal with such harshness of life. :o(

Anonymous said...

My brother and his wife are both in Iraq. I somewhat understand...the worry at least.