Overheard at our house

A conversation took place in the basement where my husband was painting Ashlyn's furniture. Since he was able to hear the commotion (kids yelling, me yelling at the kids, kids arguing and whining, etc.) above him. I am not quite sure why he asked-

Husband-"Is everything o.k. up there?"

Me- "No, the kids are so loud and crazy this afternoon. I am never giving Nick a Cinnabon again if he is going to act crazy like this."

(The box of Cinnabons were calling my name last week. We had them for breakfast. They were so yummy! We eat them maybe once a year, and now I know why.... Evil Cinnabons).

Husband- "Do you ever feel like you are in over your head?"

Me- "Um, yes-daily." (insert *sigh* and aggravated facial expression here)

Husband- "Well, at least we know they will move out some day, but that will be a long time from now".

Me -"Yeeeeaaah, okay....thanks for the encouraging words".

6 fabulous friends:

Jen said...

Sometimes hubby's just don't get it.

Jennifer P. said...

Past two kids--when you run out of hands---it's ALL about being in over your head :)! Just remember to be nice....they'll pick your nursing home someday!

shauna maness said...

ok, that made me laugh OUT LOUD!! too funny!! i LOVE your blog!! you are so stinkin' funny!!!

Christie said...

Men are SO helpful, aren't they?

Cinnabons? Delish. Want one right now, in fact.

Bilary said...

I am always wondering what my memories will be like of having little kids in the house. I think it is just going to be a crazy blur.

I know you werer frustrated at the time, but it sure made for a funny blog post! Maybe I am giggling because it sounds way too familiar! You're a fabulous mom and it's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Just laugh about it with the rest of us who completely understand!

Allison said...

Gosh...men always know JUST what to say, right? :) haha