Oh bother!

Sorry about the lack of posting...or pictures!! I have tried, honestly! Our router keeps disconnecting me from the main computer! I type something and click to review...offline. *Sigh*.

I was able to upload a few pictures, but now the folder is unavailable.....argh! Hopefully it will behave itself.....(insert stomping and fist waving). I just need the "computer guy" (i.e. husband) to have a few hours to fix it, but activities and daily life keep interfering.

5 fabulous friends:

Allison said...

how annoying! I hate computer related issues...

LiteralDan said...

I'm thinking you need to threaten to fire your computer guy-- maybe that will light a fire under him!

Bilary said...

I love computers, but I hate 'em too. I'm sorry! Can't wait to see some new pics when everything is up amd running again! We are missing you!:)

BAHGL said...

Hey girl,
It is SO nice to be able to catch up with your family through your blog!!
Your beautiful babies have all gotten SO big!


Rhea said...

I'm sorry you're having computer issues. You're lucky to have a husband who can fix it even if he doesn't have the time much. :o)

My answer to all computer problems? REBOOT. hehe