Obviously, we have made the trek to Legoland in the past. Here are the girls in front of Legoland Windsor in 2001.

Ashlyn got her first taste of speed-and a drivers license!
Fast-forward to 2008-adding three more kids. This is Logan at the beginning of the day. I took this picture because I also have one of the stroller, and all of it's effects at the end of the trip. There is quite a difference! I have just a few pictures to post because, well, the computer is being stingy with sharing pictures from the folder at the moment.
Ashlyn and Ryan decided to try the pulley ride. Unsuspecting Ashlyn soon learned that Ryan was not about to pull his own weight! Smart Boy.

This time we saw many beautiful sights in Germany made of thousands of legos. We made mental notes of fabulous places to visit. Here is Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. It is quite a sight. We have been to visit it twice, and I suspect that we will see it again when we have guests visit.
What would a trip Europe be without posing with the Beckhams? Oh wait, they are in the US now, right?!?I added this picture because we were in this HUGE park with so many things to see, and Logan was standing in the middle of the walkway, playing with a leaf...and eventually became inteterested in the drain. I'm not sure that I will ever understand the mind of a male. I will try and post as the computer allows. I have several other posts, but I am getting a message stating that it could not make contact with Blogger-saving and publishing may fail". This has got to be a conspiracy.

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Rhea said...

Definitely a blogging conspiracy! lol

I've never taken my kids to Legoland, and I feel like a bad, bad mother for it. We will go, one day. My kids LOVE LEGOS!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

There's a LEGOLAND? In Europe? When we lived there, all my parents took us to see was drafty old castles that all looked the same. I know, I know, culture, blah blah, but LEGOs! That's a trip I could get behind.

Natalie said...

we did legoland in california once. the kids loved it! it was actually pretty cool to the adults as well! i was amazed at all the things they could build with legos!

Allison said...

looks like a fun time!!

p.s. I left you some bloggy love over on my blog :)

LiteralDan said...

I've found that usually it really does save the post, and opening a new tab with your list of posts will fix the problem (meaning you use the new tab and close the old one).

Not sure what causes that, but good luck!

Bilary said...

What a cute boy you have. I love that he was so interested in the leaf and the drain. Sounds like my boy. Whatever! I guess all they really do need is some dirt, a shovel, and some water to keep them entertained. Forget the bunch of money to take them fun places. Silly kids!:)

Oh, I do love that castle though! That is so cool! I had no idea they had a Legoland there. FUN!!!