The paper solution

Squash a kindergartner...save a tree!

I'm not really advocating to harm a little person.
However, this is the amount of papers that my own kindergartner brought home in one day. And there are millions more like him-bringing home a tree a day of worksheets, art, etc. Okay, it wasn't exactly a tree, but I did count eleven papers. And that doesn't count the packet of homework sheets that arrived in his folder as well!

I love seeing his work, but I just wonder-how much is too much?
I took this next picture to exemplify kindergartner logic. It seems that he was missing a sticker from the teacher for some particular reason, so he came up with his own solution. He added his own pumpkin sticker.
Never mind that it obviously doesn't match the teacher's stickers.

**I did notice a few days later that the sticker had been removed at school. Hehe.

***Side note-I don't know what's going on with the square haircut look. We had it cute short so that we could give it that "rustled" look, but apparently if you don't do that daily you get the "square" look. Ugh.

2 fabulous friends:

MamaNeena said...

I am pretty sure that school worksheets are personally responsible for many of our environmental issues.

Love the new background, by the way!

Bilary said...

For starters, I am loving the new blog look! Darling!

Second, I agree with the stacks of papers that the kids use - I think it is way too much. I know they need some, but I get so tired of emptying out stacks of paper every day from Rylee's backpack. UGH!