Monsters and their spooky castle- a sneak peek

I am finally able to access them! Whoo hoo!

It's late, so I will just post a few of our pictures of Frankenstein Castle in Darmstadt (ummm...yeah, from October) and provide details later!

Keep in mind that this was "Family Day" and kids were encouraged to come. I seriously wonder how scary things are on Halloween night!! These guys looked pretty real....and tall....and eerie.

The pin face and white-face monster were really creepy. The kids didn't seem to mind them very much though. Is that a good or bad thing?

This picture is just because.

Logan and I waited a while while the kids tried out the "burning stake".

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

How fun! I don't know how well my kids would handle all of the creepy guys. They are chickens!

I love all of the pictures though. I need to find some cool things like that to do around here.

Andrea said...

We didn't realize that the normal scary monsters would be there for family day, but the kids seemed okay. They didn't try and scare the little kids-some even gave candy.