Big news!

Well, on the scale of big news issues in other households, this might not be so big. But in our household, this is great news!

Ta-da! I.have.found.a.babysitter.

Yes. After living here for 14 months and exploring various avenues of teenagers, I have finally found one. The best part is that she is no longer a teenager. Yep. A true adult! She is one of the younger teachers at Ryan's school who was interested in watching the kids when I asked at the school.

She came over yesterday evening to meet the kids and to find out more about each others' families. She is German, but she knows English fairly well (hey, I can understand her). She received her education with children and was really great with the kids. This also makes me worry less if something were to happen while we were away. We would have a certified teacher who knows the area/language and can get the appropriate help.

This gives us such options-dinner, movies, holiday parties-yay!

I often remind my husband that moving is very traumatic for women because we have to find new:

  • hairdressers
  • gynecologists (honestly, right?)
  • babysitters

These are very important people in women's lives (at least this one), and we can't get just anybody to do the job. I hate, hate, hate leaving my old ones and asking around until you find someone that you can trust. By then, it's time to move again!!!

Not having family around and moving frequently means that you need to make adjustments and find means to help your family. For us, living further away from the primary military (and thus english-speaking) community has limited us in finding childcare. We just don't want to drive the children to places and create a late night. We have discovered that late nights=chaotic mornings. Blech.

I do have a cousin serving in the Air Force who lives about 30-40 minutes away, but his deployment and the distance have limited that option of asking family to help. I know he and his wife would be more than willing to help though!

The only down side is that our new sitter mentioned that she lives at home currently, but plans to move to Kaiserslautern at some time. She will continue to work in our town though. I am just hoping that the long commute doesn't take her away from us.

Now, with my husband being away the past few weeks, I need some "Me Time". Now I can go to a girls' event with some friends this weekend. It is much deserved.

9 fabulous friends:

Allison said...

Congrats!! I'm sure that is a huge relief! And I totally know what you mean about finding new hairdresser, gyno, etc... I seriously save up all my appointments for my annual trip back to the states each year!!

Natalie said...

yea! i know how relieving that is. hope she is around as long as you are!

LiteralDan said...

That's a great feeling of relief. Unfortunately for us, all the babysitters around these parts seem to want money in exchange for their services.

How can people be so selfish??

Good luck getting some time off to relax once in awhile! I'm a teeny tiny bit jealous.

Bilary said...

Yahoo! I am so excited for you. You are so right. A good babysitter is so vital to a mom's sanity! I am so glad that you found her and that you are going to be able to get out this weekend! You do SOOOOO deserve it. Have fun!:)

Luciana said...

Yes, these 3 things are really important and difficult to replace.
Take care!

Susan said...

Andrea, so good to hear from you. I have no idea where you found my blog, I don't know a Misty or Alicia so.... I hope you are enjoying Germany, I miss England alot. I have a girlfriend in Germany and she loves it. I would love another overseas tour, not sure that will happen since Michael just went over 19... Not sure what the future holds and we will wait to see what God has in store for us. I really hope you get your girls night out, I totally understand as Michael is Deployed and our family lives about 45 minutes either direction so it is not so easy to just have them come over for an evening or me to take the kids over there, then to have to pick them up again, etc. He should be home after the New Years so maybe we can arrange a date night then. Keep in touch,


MamaNeena said...

I know what a challenge finding one can be! Congrats...and pass her this way Saturday night!

bernthis said...

I live in L.A.a with no family around and i'm a single mom and so I know how you feel. Congrats and yes, that is big, big news.

Rhea said...

I'm so glad you found a babysitter! That's a huge relief. It is hard to move and get all new stuff, I hear ya. Especially to a different country where you don't speak the language! I shudder at the thought. You are a brave woman.