The business of being organized

Not that I am anywhere near this state of mind, but is there such a thing as being too organized? I think there are definitely so many tools that one can use to help get organized, that you can easily get overwhelmed. Consider just one aspect of organization: calendars.

I am guilty of having too many calendars! I have a large "More Time Moms" one in the kitchen that all of the kids can look at to see what is going on in our household for the day/week/month. Nicholas especially likes to use this one. He often tells me the dates and what is going on :).

I also have a purse "Whomi" calendar where I write down things while I am out and about, or appointments as I make them outside the home. I like this one because it saves me having to have papers with this information collecting in my purse.

Here is where it gets crazy, I also have a desk calendar that I write most of my plans, birthdays, addresses, weekly lists, etc. Nobody really references this but me. I love this one because I usually get a ME one. I think I want to get a fun one like Paris or London themed one for 2009. I just can't give this one up.

And last but not least, I have an online calendar with Cozi. This is a great site! You are able to post pictures, an online journal, make lists, use the color-coded calendar, etc. I can't give this one up either. I just like looking at what is going on in this easy to read calendar. The colored dots are simple to see that daughter #1 has things planned most days, every week. Sigh.

The obvious problem is making sure that what is written on one calendar--is written on the others. Double scheduling or forgotten events have happened! This is where a personal secretary would be great for every family. Keep up with appointments---return correspondence---file necessary paperwork. I digress.

I opened my pantry, and what do I see?? Two computer printed calendars that I occasionally list household chores and menu plans. This is so I can see when I needed to change sheets, wash windows, washed pillow covers, etc. I can also plan ahead sometimes and have items for a particular meal ready, if it's on the calendar, that is.

Too much?!? Stop me now.

As I am looking ahead for Christmas gifts, I am considering getting Ashlyn, Lauren and maybe Nicholas a planner/calendar. Am I creating planning monsters? Ashlyn and Lauren have had planners before, but they are not dedicated users of them. Not yet. We'll see when I am finished with them. Bwahahahah.

4 fabulous friends:

Tulsi said...

These are great ideas. I've tried to do this all on one calendar. I'm going to check Cozi out!! I loved the shoe rack idea. I think I'll try that, too!

Bilary said...

I'm going to check out Cozi as well. That sounds awesome. I am a list freak. I make lists for everything and they are all over my house.

I love that you keep calendars all over. But a personal secretary WOULD be so nice!:) I think most moms could use one of those. You are doing a great job though!

Allison said...

Can I pay you to come organize my life? :)

Anne said...

I have a wall calendar where I keep track of my kids activities (lucky me, it is only Music Basket Ball and other ... School stuff) but I have found 2 years ago that I am in love with my "electronic" brain. my Motorola Q (smartphone) I keep what I need to do on my outlook program and plug my phone in. And everything get stored in, it ring to remind me of appointment or events that I need to remember. Sometime it drives me nuts because there is an automatic ring for every event, don't erase it and you will be waking up at 11.45pm because it is my father in law's birthday in 15minutes! ;-) believe me I have learned my lesson. BUT the good thing is that at least when I am at the dentis office and they want to give me a little piece of paper who (you know) is going to disapear before I arrive home...well I don't need it, I take out my handy dandy "Brain" and in it goes!! Love it!! But I know I am a toy freak! (I wish I could have an Iphone, cause I could also listen to music while typing my appointment) So cool!! I know I am a geek!