A good way to incorporate exercise

One thing I am really impressed with about Europe-----

the way that everybody walks-everywhere! The villages, towns and cities have incorporated sidewalks along most neighborhoods, streets and in the town center. Unlike the U.S., the stores are generally clustered in an area where you can park in a semi-large parking lot (okay-the HUGE lots that you see in the U.S. are rarely seen here) and walk. I really like that idea because I like to just get the kids out of /in the car as few times as necessary.

There are also bus stops everywhere. I usually don't take the bus, because I have a fear of getting transported to some unknown area and then it will take forever to get back home. Hmmm....do you think that this has happened before? :)

For example, today the weather is rainy, windy and high 40's. You think that might deter some from walking outside. Uh, no. I spotted so many school kids, elderly people, mothers, etc. walking in town as I went about my day. They were all bundled up and carrying umbrellas as they were walking along the streets and hills.

In the UK I would even see elderly people on bicycles fairly often! I think that is just fantastic! I don't see as many elderly people on bicycles here, but there are many steep hills here that challenge the experienced riders. I do, however, see many elderly people walking here to the shops. I think part of the reason is the steep expense of owning a car here!

There are some days that we walk to Ryan's school and the kid's bus stop. I wish that we walked most days. It is about a mile walk to Ryan's school, and about a half mile to the bus stop. This would save gas usage, incorporate exercise into our day, and allow the kids to use up some spent energy. The main reason is that many days I just don't have the time that it takes to walk. Sad excuse, eh? I just need to get ready a few minutes earlier so I can walk and get that extra exercise.

Why is it that it just seems so much easier to jump in the car? Why is this part of the "American thinking"? I really hope that we can change this attitude in this household.

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Bilary said...

I have always wondered why we don't adopt a more European way of thinking. It just makes so much more sense to have lots of stores all together so you can get out and walk. (Maybe that's where Wal*Mart comes in - one stop shopping.;)) Who knows? But I would love to live more like the Europeans do. I love walking and I think rain would only make it more enjoyable. I LOVE the rain!

Rhea said...

I do like how in Europe everyone seems out and about and walking. Then again, it's set up for that to be easier there, because things are more together. Here in the U.S. we have more space to cover, you know?

LiteralDan said...

That's one of the things I definitely miss/pine for about Europe. We do as much walking and/or bundled trips as we can.

We can turn things around one person at a time! Then maybe they'll starting clearing ALL the sidewalks in the winter, and do something to keep me from fearing for my life walking along and, god forbid, crossing busy streets!