Somebody has one of those monumental birthdays.

You know the ones. The ones that you just don't look forward to, but you know that you just have to take a breath and accept it?

Today she is thinking about how her mom felt-those many years ago when she met her little baby girl. And how her aunt felt when she met her little baby boy. And how her Mema felt to finally have a granddaughter. And how her other Mema felt to have a red-headed granddaughter.

Today, she's forgetting the new piles of laundry from the throwing up 5-year-old and going shopping at a bazaar and playing with her kids. She's also planning a trip to France this weekend to explore new places. Because that is what she does best.

But that doesn't mean that she's excited about this birthday.

Not one little bit.

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Rhea said...


LiteralDan said...

Happy birthday, despite your anxieties threatening to wreck it for you. Age is just a number!

Andrea @ Sweet Life said...

Happy Birthday!!

MamaNeena said...

Happy Birthday to you! I've got one of these milestone birthdays coming up in a couple weeks.

Bilary said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! I'm sorry I didn't get to you sooner. I wasn't around much this weekend. But happy birthday! i need to do something completely fabulous for you! You deserve it! You are awesome and I hope you have a great week!!!:)

Natalie said...

hope you had a great day!

sorry about the yucky bug! i know how that is! hope you all feel better soon and that you avoid it for sure!