The battle

Us: 0
Stomach Bug: 4

Thaaaats right. The bug that I have been hearing about-the one that has been making its way around the elementary school for the past several weeks made an ugly appearance. At our house, nonetheless.

Nick was sick on several occasions the day before my birthday, thus changing some weekend plans-most importantly my day trip to Metz.

I had to pick Ashlyn up from school yesterday after several calls from the school nurse. The curvy road home was making me veer-r-r-ry nervous.

Allen fell victim yesterday evening. This guy never stays home sick from work! Today was an exception.

Ryan was sick after he woke up for school this morning. Oh no! Does this mean that I have to get a note from the krankenhaus (a doctor at a German hospital) before he returns? I thought I heard that fact during the translation session-not that could look it up again.

I am thinking that making my favorite spinach brownies (relax----just a spinach bake cut into squares for kid appeal) for dinner yesterday was not such a great idea.

We definitely are usually lucky with these bugs. I hear about them and say a quick prayer-knock on wood-and all of those things to ward them away. I am also the hand washing dictator after school. Those backpacks and jackets hit the hooks and the reminders to wash well begin. I guess this was way beyond my control!

Allen and I were talking today that this definitely is a down-side of a larger family. It's scary to think that the washing, resting and cleaning up could last-gulp-weeks! The thought of chasing a toddler around to make sure he doesn't go near the rugs or furniture is frightening. Logan is the one that really scares me.

Lauren and I made a pact this morning that we would not get this bug. I hope she can keep her part of the deal.

7 fabulous friends:

Monica said...

I'm so sorry the bad bug got you!!! I hope you all get over it quickly! I'll be saying a prayer for you and your family.

Rhea said...

Oh, man, those are the bad ones, that hit the whole family. GOOD LUCK!

My older son is always playing with his braces, and I'm always asking him to stop...so he doesn't mess them up but also so he doesn't get sick sticking all those germs from dirty hands in his mouth. ICK.

LiteralDan said...

I want to go to the "krankenhaus"-- it sounds so much cooler than the regular old doctor.

I'm hoping you guys beat these germs in no time flat!

Bilary said...

Aw, man! I'm sorry! The stomach bugs are the worst! I really hope that you can hold up your end of the deal as well and not catch the icky bug! And I pray for you all that it passes quickly.

Meaghan said...

Being sick is the worst! Hope you feel better soon and try some chicken soup, that always does the job for me :)


Andrea @ Sweet Life said...

What's up with this nastiness hitting so hard, so early this year?

My oldest woke up with it last night and now she's in "quarantine". I'm knocking on all the wood in the house, hoping to keep it from the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

God speed, my friend. Here's to Lysol and Bleach!