Birthday season has begun

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an event planner like Julie on The Love Boat. Do you remember that show? Planning parties and events for seven is not quite what I imagined, but it is what God had in store for me.

We began with Allen's a few weeks ago. His is the first of seven birthdays within the next seven months. Arghh! The day began a little later than we anticipated since we were caught up in a stau or traffic jam caused by a peaceful demonstration and lots of polizei along the route. We drove around the town of Cochem, where they were having a weinfestival. We hiked up the hill to the castle and spent the rest of the day at Schloss Cochem; we had lunch at the restaurant there, took in the scenery along the Mosel River, and had yellow cake with chocolate frosting when we arrived home. I'm sure he had his heart set on McDonald's, but it just didn't happen.

Happy birthday Honey!!

4 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Oh, it's your fun birthday season. Our hits just after the holidays and I always want to pull my hair out. So, hang in there! Sometimes, cake and ice cream is a big enough event, don't ya think? Honestly, sometimes it is all I can muster. So you are doing better than I am already! :)

LiteralDan said...

I want more than just an event planner, I want a life planner.

Happy birthday to your husband!

Rhea said...

I've been along the Mosel River! We took a boat tour and then drove to some wineries. It's beautiful. I loved seeing all those vineyards growing on steep cliffs.

Oh, happy birthday to your honey!!!

Andrea said...

Rhea-I forgot that you had been visiting this area! :)

LiteralDan-Life planner? You got it. I only accept cold-hard-cash!

Bilary-I think we will see the birthday planning enthusiasm wane as the months continue. Poor Nicholas (he's the last one).