Did I mention that we are moving?

We saw a great place a few weekends ago. Should we make the big move?

So, what do you think? It has great architecture and views. The fabulous dining room has plenty of space for our family, plus some!The antiques are well cared for.
It has large fireplaces and light fixtures. Just think-the money we could save on gas and electric! The view of the Mosel River, and all of its vineyards is breathtaking.It has a mermaid light fixture that you rub (her red belly) for good luck. Yeah, sorta creepy but unusual. It has a treasure chest stored there full of (chocolate/ "schokolade" ) coins! Can you see it in the dark background?
It has unusual external features.People who drive shiny expensive cars would visit. We could even hire it out for weddings! Isn't this bride beautiful in the gardens?

We'll take it! Where do we sign?

Here is a link with more photos of the town and surrounding areas of Cochem. We noticed that they were having many wine fests in the small villages as we drove home. It is becoming that festival time of year.

We are currently taking donations, and then we can talk with the people at Schloss Cochem and make them an offer that they can't refuse!

6 fabulous friends:

Monica said...

It's beautiful! I say you should go for it!!

Rhea said...

Well, when you move in, be sure and get those many, many guest rooms in luxurious working order because I plan on visiting!!

mindy said...

I think you should sign on the dotted line! How cool would it be to live in a castle! =)

Urban School Teacher said...

Wow! Cochem certainly looks like the place to be.

Anonymous said...

Save a room for Mamaneena! I'm requesting adoption!

Bilary said...

That is beautiful! But the mermaid fixture would have to go if I were to buy it. :) That place is incredible! I want to visit. If I come visit you, I think we could all squish in there. Don't ya think? (I wouldn't be driving a ncie car though.:))