Hey you!

You---- my only stay-at home friend. Can you stop emptying out books, paper, toys and other such items?
I'd like to know ---when do you have time to make a tornado trip throughout my house since you are constantly in the pantry self-serving the crackers, cereal and sweets? The only time that you are not exploring is when you lay that blond head down to sleep (and nap-thank God!).
Oh yeah, you do sit still for a book occasionally. How many times do we have to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and The Gruffalo?

And can you stop looking so cute while you are wrecking havoc?

4 fabulous friends:

MamaNeena said...

The cute factor is the only reason we tolerate any of it.

LiteralDan said...

I never understand the need to tear everything out of its rightful place even when you're not going to play with it/read it. It just drives me nuts.

But maybe that's the point?

Rhea said...

What a cutie!! Thank goodness there's still the daily nap. :o)

Bilary said...

Sounds very familiar. I have two of those little tornadoes at home with me. I have read somewhere that toddlers actually need a little bit of mess to feel safe in their little world. I have no idea why, but whoever wrote that obviously didn't understand that it doesn't work well for MOMMY that way. Mommy needs things to not feel cluttered all the time to feel safe in HER little world. And we are supposed to co-exist how?

Ugh. But dang, he's a cute little bugger!