A very good question

Nicholas has become quite the philosopher lately. He asked me this yesterday, as we were walking to the commissary for some food essentials.

"Mom, why didn't God give you five or six hands, like an octopus?" (never mind the fact that an octopus has eight tentacles-we'll address that with him later).

My response : "Hmmm...I've often wondered that myself. That would be very useful sometimes for me. "

I could use another one of those hands right now. I sat down to update and catch up on blogs, but now it's time to get the kids from school! I will get the pictures and updates out later today!

Another good question: is anyone else having trouble with spellcheck on Blogger? Mine is not working! I need that extra help so that I can post quickly. Any suggestions?

4 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I think extra hands would DEFINITELY come in "handy" (I crack myself up) and so would eyes on the back of your head. You have a smart kid there!:) He's definitely on to something.

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes kids have more wisdom than we give them credit for. I'm not sure I'd want 6 hands...probably just mean I'd end up with 6 more balls in the air.

ME (A) said...

Visited by way of Blog Around the World. Very nice blog!

Rhea said...

spell check never worked for me with Internet Explorer and now it works nonstop even in comments with Mozilla Firefox. Love it.

Cute question from Nicholas. Excellent idea...we could all use a few more arms...some more than others!