At a loss

Whenever I sit down lately to post, it seems that my mind is just a bunch of clutter and I just can't seem to finish thoughts in a fluid manner. Spring fever? Perhaps. The weather has definitely taken a turn to the warm side. Just last month we had snow, and it is staying in the 70's with predicted 80's later in the week. I just hope the house stays cool-A/C is not common here and fans just blow hot air. Blech. I hate, hate to be hot-but I digress.

I have checked various blogs and websites this week, and have enjoyed being on the sidelines this week. When I was in college I would find myself visiting the library the week of finals as a way to be sidetracked and avoid what I really needed to be doing (umm, like studying?). Strangely enough, my bedside table has been collecting an assortment of books the past weeks. Do I detect a trand here? Maybe my thoughts are so jumbled since life is jumbled by running around most days with errands, appointments, meetings, and parties. The rest of the days are spent catching up on things that were left undone since we've been out. Just how have we spent the last week!?! I can't believe that it has been a week since I posted any type of info. Here is a rundown of some events:

  • passport renewal
  • medical appointments and new eyeglass purchase!
  • preschool screening and OT consult for Nick
  • re visitation of perspective local kindergartens for Ryan
  • end of year party for Girl Scout Troop (cupcakes required)
  • shopping for last minute items and send off of oldest daughter to Barcelona
  • Mother-Daughter Girl Scout Tea (Can I just say how much I love teas?!?)
  • Allen and I celebrated our anniversary!
  • a mild stomach bug that has kept Logan feeling icky for a week; Lauren had it a few days; Allen one day; and me for a morning (whew!). I had innocently avoided those diaper changes, as DH finally commented. Darn, I was hoping that he wasn't keeping track. We have an upcoming plane trip to the UK, and I am hoping that it has gone on it's merry way. (Nobody wants to be sick mid-air :(. )
  • scheduling plane and van reservations for upcoming US trip
  • the unpacking of spring/summer clothes since it has finally warmed up! Of course it then means piles of laundry to be washed (even though I washed before I stored it in bins...crazy...I know). I won't even go into the winter clothes that need to be sorted into keep/toss/donate.....they were just placed in the storage room for "another day" :).

It seems like we have been doing more, but I can't come up with anything relevant right now. I am now in the process of mentally packing for the weekend trip. Since we are only taking a carry-on bag with severe weight and size limits, it is taking more planning than I would like. I am a confessed "over-packer", and it's so hard to change. As soon as I don't have something, I will wish I did. It's a sickness.

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

WOW! You have been BUSY! You make me tired! And your oldest is going to Barcelona!? What for? Friends there? Family? That sounds awesome! Tell her to take lots of pictures. I will travel vicariously through you and your family!:)

And last...Sit down and take a load off before your trip, or you will just be exhausted and unhappy on your trip! you deserve a break. Pick up a good book and forget about everything else for an afternonn (oh, wait, I am talking to an overachiever here..Hmmmm....)

Bilary said...

Okay, I just read the next post about why your daughter went to Barcelona. Sorry, I was just making my way down your blog. Sounds like fun!!!

Rhea said...

Dagnabit. I posted a comment and it went missing.

I said something along the lines that you've been super busy with all those tiny, necessary things that moms have to do and take up all our time! It's good to hear from you!