Pipe Dreams

Not that I'm planning on dying anytime soon, but driving a convertible is on my mental "List of Things to Do Before I Die". The weather has been perfect for it the past week, with highs in the 60's and some 70's. More sunny weather is predicted through the week. I think this is the most continuous sun that we have seen since September! Yay!
Wouldn't it be nice to bypass the family van and step into something similar to this? Speaking of vans...I was driving home yesterday on the autobahn going 75-80-ish and this BMW passed me in the next lane. It was going so fast that I felt my car jolt! Within seconds the car was outta sight. Maybe that is the last thing they will do before they die--hehe. Just joking.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

You are hilarious! I would LOVE to drive one of these one day. That car is way nice, but way out of my price range. I dream of a yellow Mustang convertible. AAAHHH. To drive with the top down feelin' oh so sexy - oh wait, I would have "mom hair," not the flowing beautiful model hair, probably cracker crumbs on the back seat under the car seats of as many kids as I could squish in there as we "jam out" to "High School Musical" or something else equally obnoxious! Nice dream though!:)

Andrea said...

Funny! If you drive fast enough, your hair will flow and the crumbs will just blow away!

I would love a Mustang also. That was "The Car" when I was in high school. A friends' kids got the little motorized Mustang car for Christmas. I was even jealous of that-how sad is that.

I would settle for a rented convertible to drive for a day at this point :)