What are you doing with your economic stimulus refund?

We're not sure.

We've debated about some gadgets for the van, a new table for the entryway, new seating for the living area, saving it for our vacation, just saving it period, or buying a Wii.

A new console, two more headphones and a back-up sensor would be fabulous for the van since it's a home away from home.

We haven't found a table that we like for the entryway.

Just maybe, we like a chair with ottoman that we saw at a furniture store.

Saving is always a good option.

Gas has gone up 22 cents here in the last week (!!!)...so we may need it to put in our tanks.

There are lots of things that we want to do on vacation in the States this summer.

No Wii needed because Allen won a Wii last week at an awards ceremony! Whoo hoo.

Any more ideas?

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Anonymous said...

I say that you should do a little of everything. Save a bit. Buy something fun. Do something fun on vacation. Take a picture of it all and place it on the new table in your entryway.

HoustonMamaJenn said...

How cool that your son won a Wii!! Alright! We have a Wii and LOVE it!

We are savers and you have to save money for all the places I'm going to tell you to go when you come to Houston (smile)!

Have a great week!

Bilary said...

We want to buy a new dining room set, but I think we will just pay for that with normal pay checks (Bill just got a raise, and he gets good bonuses every month, so we could just use that.) You are going to think I am SOOOO boring, but we have been counseled for so long to get our food storage in place, so I am going to add to our food storage, then probably cash the rest and stash it in our fireproof safe. Weird, I know, but I have heard recently that the wisest investment right now is in food, and not in the stock market or even savings accounts. So maybe the money won't accrue interest, but it will be safe in our house and we will have food in an emergency.

I am such a paranoid freak. I really should spend it on something fun....Vacation sounds nice, or a fence, or a swingset for the kids....

Rhea said...

Your husband won a Wii? That's awesome! We have one, a gift from the wealthy grandparents (as well as an xbox, play station 2 & 3 and any other system you can think of). It's over kill around here, but my boys don't abuse it, amazingly. They play lots of sports...like real, outside sports. lol And enjoy the video games too.

I don't know what we're going to do with ours. We always have plenty of bills to pay. I really want to take a trip to California to visit my sister living in Palo Alto. Not sure. I'm just thankful for a little stimulus. lol

Andrea said...

Good ideas! I think we are going to save some, use some for the US trip, and keep looking for a new kind of seat for the living area. It's shameless the quality of furniture that is available-on base is usually poor quality, and on the economy is very nice and verrry expensive.

LiteralDan said...

Congrats on the Wii-- it's wicked fun. Saving is always the best idea, though I like Bilary's idea of stocking up your emergency bunker-- who knows what's ahead of us these days??

For the best of both worlds, you could buy a whole bunch of rice with it and the resell most of it for a healthy profit to restaurant owners turned away at Costco!