Why is it

.....that a toddler can spot the tiny drop of oatmeal that you dropped among the fifty-odd Kix on the tray and smear it before you can wipe it away?

...that your three-year-old steps on your flip-flop for the umteenth-million time and the flip part comes off the flop....at the hospital...30 + minutes from home...and you still have another appointment? I tell you what you do-you buy some super glue at the shopette-glue it-stand innocently in an inactive hallway for it to dry and wear it like a no-class momma (after you have casually unstuck it from the floor and put a napkin beneath your foot so it wouldn't stick to the flop). It was a frustrating-inconvenient-craaazy solution, but I am glad that I am giggling about it now. :)

.....that the fifth child seems to learn things so much quicker than the others....even though you don't want him to?

.....that kids sleep in on a day when you need to get going (and waking kids is painful for me ).

.....that a scheduled trip to visit to London to visit friends makes your life seem so much brighter? (Yay!!!)

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Bilary said...

I hear you on the sleeping kids. I HATE waking up sleeping kids. I don't like having early risers on the weekends (it would be so nice if the whole family could sleep in until nine) but it is sure nice that I don't have to drag them out of bed to get ready for school. They are usually up before me. It makes the nights much more pleasant.

I think I hate them missing a much needed nap just as much. We go to church at 1:00 in the afternoon and it doesn't end until 4:00. Can I just say, many weeks I want to bag the whole thing because it is RIGHT AT NAP TIME and two youngest are BEARS at church without the naps!

Anyway, I was just trying to say, "I get ya on these things!"

You are awesome!!! Are you going to London soon? Have TONS of fun when you go!:)

Bilary said...

I LOVE the shoe story! I think that super glue should be the fix-all, not duct tape. I love super glue - that and hot glue! I use both all the time! But you obviously couldn't use hot glue in your sit-shoe-ation:)! (I know, I'm so clever! HEHEHEHE) I can just imagine you getting the shoe stuck to the floor, and then casually trying to get it off. Oh, funny! Thanks for the great story!

Rhea said...

Oh, you had me laughing so hard. What a day!! I hate waking up sleeping kids too...it's just wrong. LET THEM SLEEP!! lol And the flip-flop...oh, wow, lol.

Andrea said...

My husband actually suggested duct tape-no way--that would be too redneck-ish. Sorry to offend anyone, but, no. I can't believe it was stuck either! I had to scoot the right (broken shoe) foot along the halls to the store. I guess I fit in being in a hospital. People probably thought I was a limping mom sporting three kids :). It is funny now-not so at the time.

LiteralDan said...

I hear you about waking the kids-- it really does just seem like a lost opportunity. Thankfully(?) it doesn't come up too often.