New photo

I added this photo quickly before I need to pick up Ashlyn. She has been away since Thursday evening enjoying Barcelona, Spain. I have not been to Spain, so I am excited to hear all about it! She went with her Girl Scout troop. It was at least a 12-hour trip! Ugh. I know she will be tired, but happy to be home.

There is a new title photo that my friend Tammy from T. L. Brown Photography has sent me to download from her files. She took these in the Abbey Gardens in Bury St. Edmund a year ago. The day started out rainy and cold, but soon warmed up and the kids had a blast running around. Tammy now has her site up and running-check it out here! She currently lives near Ely in the UK, but is relocating this summer to Ohio. She does a fabulous job, and spends so much individual time with your family-it's amazing. Thanks Tammy!

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MamaNeena said...

Um, your kids are really freaking cute!!! I love the new header.