I read in the PTO newsletter that tonight is "Witches Night", or Hexennacht in Germany. I also found it called Walpurgis Night in Wikipedia. It is described as a night where bonfires are built and good witches await the arrival of spring. The newsletter also warned of mischievous teens hiding objects outside your home (doormats, plants, trash bins, etc). Other pranks might be wrapping bushes in toilet paper or spraying shaving cream. Hmm..it sounds like a typical weekend night during my high school years (minus the bonfire). Arrival of spring and bonfires?---good, pranks on my house?----not so good. I hope our house isn't on the list.

I am looking forward to seeing what other events occur tonight. It seems similar to Halloween (without candy), and I love Halloween! I have seen an advertisement for a music concert in a local town, but I doubt we will go since it is a school night=early morning. Ugh. Next year I will be more prepared for this holiday. Also, I received an e-mail from a girl in a neighboring town telling me that they were having a May Fest in their town today with a May Pole and other activities. Yay!! We are going to try and swing by there after school. Hopefully we can catch some of the events!

I have another post that I had been working on, but current events come first! :) I was having a veeeerrrrry S-L-O-W laptop yesterday. We are talking it was taking about 3-5 minutes for each page to load-line-by-line. It was insane and I lost my patience. I re-booted, left it to "rest' for a while-no luck. It may have had something to do with an episode of "Lost" being downloaded---which I paused---and just now remembered---oops! The laptop seems to have recovered today--thanks for asking. I was concerned, too. You hate to see a good friend feeling down.

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Bilary said...

You are hilarious! I love the last few sentences of this post! A girl with my sense of humor.:)
I think all of these holidays sound so fun. I think you should have a big bonfire in your front yard and just burn all of your trash! (Or the neighbor's trash that wasn't picked up for two weeks?) Hehe.

You will have to post pictures of the May Pole and other fun things you end up doing. But you are right - the mischeif sounds like a typical high-schooler's night in the U.S. Funny! So what do German teenagers do for fun on a Friday/Saturday night?!

Rhea said...

Oh, very cool about Witch's night. A legal prank night sounds like a lot of fun! And, you're right, it does sound like Halloween. Let us know if you get pranked!

I LOVE LOST!! It's one of the best shows ever.

HoustonMamaJenn said...

Thanks for writing. I think you should defintely check out the Houston Mama's book while you are here-or I'll just fill you in on all the cool stuff! HOw do you know Hilary?? I've been to
Germany a few times (my Dad was in the Military) and we lived in Turkey so everytime we were going to Turkey or coming back from Turkey we would stop in Germany! That's pretty amazing you have been there for so long!!

Andrea said...

I have been a S-L-A-C-K-E-R! I have several draft posts, but nothing finished this week! The weather has been so nice...after being so crummy for soooo long, that I couldn't resist the sun.

O.K. The May Fair was actually a day later (duh), and after we had an afternoon appointment we planned to go--but it did rain that afternoon. Maybe next year.

The Hexennacht was fairly calm. We did see evidence of toilet paper on some streets and houses, but it was cleaned up quickly.

As for German teens on Fri/Sat night? I see them hanging around in the town center-by a fountain...and some other groups drinking and talking. I don't think there is much to do in the small towns-maybe Frankfurt has more for them to do. There isn't a mall here (25 minutes away there is one), and no movie theater either. Sad for them.