"Confessions of a Mommy Blogger"

I saved this interesting link by Catherine Newman. She discusses why people read and produce blogs. I had forgotten that I had read some of her journals on Babycenter several years ago. She had a "blog" of sorts writing about her two children Ben and Birdy. She's pretty funny and realistic.

Finally! The girls returned to school today after 8 days off. It was a fairly fun and productive week. We had some fun and "not so fun". By that, I mean we cleaned out the playroom. There were bins of toys that had not been sorted before our move last July. I just didn't want Allen to miss out on the fun, I guess. No, really, it was enough to sort out other household items before our "Across the English Channel" move, that toys were at the bottom of the list. A side note-my mom is amazed at the amount of toys that we possess. I try to tell her that we do not have as many toys as other households I have visited-with only two children. I am also keeper of toys. We have toys that Ashlyn played with as baby and toddler. If it is not broken, then we keep it! An example is her play kitchen that has the store on the backside. The boys are now playing with it, and the many play food items. That does add up after 10 years and 5 kids, because you know that you accumulate toys for birthdays, holidays, and the random store visit.

I predict a quiet day since I am now experiencing my 6th-7th cold since we have lived here (ten months). Argh! The cold circulated through each child, with the exception of Ashlyn, who has been bragging about it. I am now off for a quick shower before Logan wakes up. Nick and Ryan are (gasp!) watching "Mickey's Playhouse" while I am upstairs. It's funny how t.v. changes as you add children. Ashlyn and Lauren watched Barney, VeggieTales, Little People videos, and other various children's shows. Logan doesn't get much exposure to little kid shows since the older siblings wouldn't dream of watching something so silly (to them). Occasionally we put the channel on Baby T.V. and there are educational shows or aquarium type images. He doesn't care-he's too busy getting into things! Or better yet-we just.turn.it.off.

I see that I was tagged by Rhea ( a Texan! Yay!), so I will get to that soon!

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Bilary said...

It's funny. My first daughter LOVED Veggie Tales, and we watched it all the time. Then with the second and third ones, they haven't liked it as much. They have been more into Barney and Elmo (I am so tired of Elmo!). But they have an episode of Veggie Tales on in the morning on Saturdays now, so for some reason my kids think it is super cool when it is on TV. Whatever. They are silly.

But Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - you go kids! We like that show too. Have you seen the Wonder Pets? Oh, that one is so cute. My kids all love it because it is three baby animals helping other animals and they talk so cute. So my oldest laughs at the cute things they say and the younger three just adore the whole thing. Great show. I'm even hooked!:)

P.S. You need to curl up with a good book, eat something warm and yummy and relax and kick that cold! Get well soon!

HW said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I kinda miss the kids' television programs. Mine are 14 and 16 so none of the sweet little shows for us anymore.

Hope you kick that cold soon.

Rhea said...

My kids have a five year age difference, so the young one got into older kid stuff much quicker.

I'm so sorry you're getting a cold! That makes everything so much harder.

Loved your post today!