Six random things about me

It's time for some unfinished business. Rhea, from Word Tangle, has tagged me. She is a published author! She had a short story published in a magazine last year. Way to go! Check out her blog! Go on! She's a Texan, so you know she's friendly.

Admittedly, I have been a real slacker about this. Whenever I have visited her blog to copy exactly what I need to do, I get distracted and read, leave a comment and exit without copying the info. Oy. Must get my mind back on track.

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry.

Let's see....six random things about me:

1. I bought a bag of yogurt Haribo candies at the Hela (a Lowe's type store) and they were so fabulous, that I ate.the.whole.bag.in.one.day. They have a liquid yogurt filling and are yummy fruit flavors. I can't believe that I admitted that-oh, the shame;oh ,the sugar rush....

2. I have the neatest Widget on my computer desktop right now! It's the Big Ben Clock that chimes every 15 minutes. I love it! It reminds me of London, but it is also an annoying reminder of how quickly time passes...and how much time I have spent on the computer.

3. I am reading about 4 different books right now. I have one by the bed, one downstairs, one in the car, and one in a bag that goes places with me. I am not close to finishing any of them yet-and they are now overdue by three days-and I still have about three other library books waiting to be started. What was I thinking!?! My husband will be getting a "nasty gram" reminder at work to tell me to return them (the library account is issued in the military member's name).That is the worst. It's like they are telling on me. Blah.

4. I am so behind on my scrap booking that it is beyond help. I have the first year of Ashlyn's life completed. She is now ten. I haven't even started pages for the other four kids. Oops. There is more time when I retire, right?

5. I watched "Batman" several times this week. You know, the late 1960's t.v. show with Adam West. It has the "Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Batman "song and the "bam", "bow", "wham" graphics when they were hit. It takes me back to my early childhood days. I loved watching that or "Speed Racer" in the morning. I also like to watch "The Batman" if I see it. It's the updated animated series. I say that Nick turned it on, but it was actually me. He he.

6. Two of my oldest friends went to Playa del Carmen, Mexico last week for a "Girl's Weekend" at a resort. They are not technically "old", but I have known Gabrielle since 8th grade when we sat next to each other in Mr. R's science class. She asked to borrow my brush since she had broken hers in half and given it to a guy she liked in New York. It sound silly now. We laugh because we have known each other more than half our lives. The other one, Carol, I have known since 10th grade, when we worked at Joske's (now Dillard's). Good times. I love them so much and was sad that I couldn't join them for some R&R. I do think that I deserve a holiday like that! No kids, relax, sleep, shop, girl talk, relax...I digress. I just couldn't justify two trans-Atlantic trips in several months. We are also planning to visit this summer (soon!). I hope that we can plan another trip like that someday with them . Sniff. Who wouldn't want to be relaxing in this setting?
Now, I tag:
Hilary, Betsy, Christine, Bethany, Melissa (get your blog online girl!), Angie (get a blog, you know you want to!) ....and anyone else who wants to participate! Just leave me a comment, so I can check out your "unimportant" info! :)

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I loved learning these random things! What a fun post. And, hey, at least you ate a bunch of fruity candy. I eat two boxes of Samoas in one sitting. I am such a pig!

And you deserve a break! You should plan a fun getaway with your friends! I think you deserve more than just a sniff over that one...Yep, it deserves a big BOOOOHOOOO!!!! Next time just don't try to justify your trip. Thinking is for the birds. Just go and enjoy ourself next time!:)

I will get working on this one soon. Thanks for tagging me. It gives me something fun to blog about! As soon as I finish the housework and get Rylee's play costume finished I will get on it! You are awesome!

Rhea said...

I'm so glad you stopped "slacking" and got to this meme.

I cracked up about your book in the car, by the bed, etc. I do that too...and that stinks the military library is going to tell on you to your hubby. lol

Thanks for sharing your life! Loved it.

Rhea said...

Oh, btw, love the idea of the Big Ben widget and how it keeps you reminded of how much time you're online...probably a good thing for those Internet addicts (of which I could not possibly be one of...hehe).