What I Learned Today

  • If you decide to try a Twinkie after who knows how long, do not choose one from the store refrigerated section. This will only result is a soggy mess in your new van should you choose to try it on the way home. This, too, will result in questionable sticky, one-handed driving on a curvy hill on the way home.
  • Do eat lunch before going to an afternoon cooking show. Doing that could have avoided the Twinkie purchase should you not like what they were sampling.
  • Do not expect your husband to be particularly cheerful when you return home from an afternoon of cooking show and errands, and you only took one child with you-leaving four behind.
  • Do not expect your home to be tidy after returning home, either.
  • Just because your neighbors moved in several months ago, does not mean they will be staying long. They just might be assigned a surprise 12+ month deployment. I think we will adopt a new "get-to-know-you" only after neighbors have been established in their house for 3+months. This is the second set in 6 months. The others were part of another deployment.
  • A one-year-old who is insistent on negotiating stairs solo is not necessarily a good thing.

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Don't feel bad if a Twinkie is all you wanted. I would have cleared a whole shelf full of cookies.

And here is something else you can learn today: If you leave a husband home with four kids while you go to a cooking show and to run errands they love it when you bring them home a treat! Okay, I'm sure you know that. You can't really blame them for being grumpy at being left with the kids all day. We know just how they feel! Hey, that means they should bring US a treat every day when they get home. Then maybe they wouldn't have to come home to a grumpy wife. :)

And is your son okay? Did he fall on the stairs? Hope not. That is never a good thing.

Lastly, I loved your comment on my blog. But what are you doing at your computer in the middle of the night instead of trying to get some sleep. I don't know about you, but in my house sleep is a rare commodity. I hope you get feeling better and that you get a lot of rest! You deserve it! I will be back soon!:)

Bilary said...

Hey! I thought I told you to get some sleep you silly girl!:)

I hear you on the toy store/sanity thing. We have chaos if we don't take gum with us to the grocery store to keep kids busy! The toy store - forget it!

I will try to find those balls! Thank you so much! They are darling!

Now really, get some sleep! (Can you tell I am a mom and that I say that about twelve times a night before all the kids finally stay in bed and go to sleep?:)

Bilary said...

Sorry, just one more thing...I totally get where you are coming from on touching chicken! EW, EW, EW! We don't eat a lot of meat in this house because I am a big wuss when it comes to cooking and touching meat. It just doesn't happen. And a lot of times if I cook it, I don't eat it. It's probably because my mom is a vegetarian, so I grew up watching her cringe at even the thought of meat. Hey, at least I will eat it a little bit...