A Very White Easter

Update: I added this photo to show the eggs our landlord gave to the kids for Easter in a goodie bag. See how shiny and brightly colored they are compared to our crazy tye-dyed eggs? The coating on them is semi-hard, almost like a shellac finish. I don't know how they were done, but I want to find out for next year!

Brightly wrapped baskets-yippee!

Well, almost a week later, but hey! I went back to look at the few pictures we had, and they were ...well....pathetic. I did take a few after the fact, but not many basket ones since we had a sudden flurry of organization when spring weather arrived (for two days). We packed up the baskets and eggs. I didn't want the baskets getting damaged, and it looked like baskets exploded everywhere with the mess of basket grass (I have a love-hate relationship with this stuff), and plastic eggs, mostly halves, everywhere. They are now resting peacefully in the basement until next Easter.

In the week leading up to Easter, it snowed, and snowed , and snowed some more most of the week. It was the strangest weather! It was overcast, then sunny, then snow flurries, and then the whole cycle began again. It's like most of the weather options are covered within the same day. I have a picture of it snowing while the sun was out-verrrry strange!
We tried to hunt Easter eggs many times that weekend, honestly we did. The weather just wasn't cooperating. We went to the first hunt at the Youth Center, only to discover that it had been moved to an indoor site, despite the current sunny weather. It had been raining all week and the field was very soggy. We showed up with our wellies, prepared for the mud, anyway. The EB was not there, but "Sparky" the fire prevention dog was there (along with the fire truck). We collected a few eggs and moved on. It did snow later in the day as we finished errands. We dyed some eggs that night, but I don't have any pictures. I honestly forgot, and I was too busy making sure Ryan didn't spill the dye everywhere (as he is prone to do). He did, however dye his hands yellow. This was still evident at church the next morning. We did the tye-dye look on most of the eggs. I have seen some super cute eggs in various magazines, but when it really comes down to the moment you just want to get it done and have fun! Maybe someday we will have some picture worthy eggs.

We woke up early on Easter morning to get ready for 9:30 church. The kids found their baskets that the Easter Bunny so cleverly hid around the house. The girls received cuddly Webkins and bath gels, and the boys found lots of books and sweets in their baskets. We noticed on the drive to church that the bunny had left brightly colored eggs hanging in the trees! There was a good crowd at church. Afterwards, we went for brunch at the Reinlander Club in Baumholder. It was really nice with a mixture of German-American treats. They gave the kids more chocolate (!!!) and the Easter Bunny had energy to stay for pictures after his early a.m. adventures. We wanted to stay for the egg hunt, but they had calf-deep snow here. The hunts were moved indoors again=chaos. We went home for rest and outdoor hunts in our garden (which is in dire need of landscaping!). The snow had melted outside and it was nice and wet :). Logan didn't really enjoy the egg hunt. The ground is uneven, and it wasn't too exciting to pick up eggs. Little did he know that there were little colored Cadbury chocolate eggs inside!
Lauren's idea of brunch was a chocolate doughnut, some strawberries, and grapes. Hmmpf. The Log-man is always trying to escape...
We went outside in the afternoon for an outdoor hunt. The snow had melted by then, but it was cold! The kids continued the fun inside the playroom with another egg hunt. Logan is still finding chocolate eggs in the playroom. The chocolate mess everywhere gives him away. We hope you had a blessed Easter!

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I love the pictures...And I adore the pink, brown, and white dress! That is adorable! Your kids are darling! And what's wrong with a chocolate donut for brunch? Sounds good to me! :)

Are your kids hunting eggs at your house in the last couple of pictures? I assume so since you said they went in and had a hunt afterwards. My point: It is beautiful there! The landscape is breathtaking!

Sounds like you had a great Easter. I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Rhea said...

That pink, brown and white dress was gorgeous! Looked like a lovely celebration, even with Sparky the fire dog. lol

Andrea said...

The kids were hunting eggs in the last pictures, but they are running so fast that they just seem to be a blur!

The scenery really is pretty here. The evergreens, hills and structures are nice. It is all covered in snow tonight! In April?!?

I love the dress too! It is called "neapolitan" because of the colors. I paid way more than I wanted for it, so I have a feeling it will be used quite a bit over the next few years. If I can just find a way to use it with the boys... :)