What's in a name?

I checked out Facebook the other day. I only got as far as registering, trying to sort out the e-mail address thing and searching for a few friends, etc. Then an interesting thing happened. I entered my name to see what information was displayed, and encountered at least 30 people with my same name. So, I typed in my maiden name-about 30 people. I don't know why I was surprised. I am not so self-centered that I believe that I am the only.person.in.the.world. with my name, but it was really weird to see the faces of those people. Surreal, almost. I started thinking about what their lives were about, and who they were, and what they were doing. How had their name, uhmmm...my name helped or hindered them? Did they like their name? How did they pronounce it? I hear different variations of Andrea...some better than others :). Wouldn't it be weird if you were in some random office and they called your name and two people responded? I would have to have lunch with them right afterwards to swap life stories. Well, it won't be happening anytime soon. It's a smaller community here.

I might have to go back and search the kid's names. I'd like to see with whom they will share their legacy. Maybe I'll look up people who share names with famous people...good or bad....famous heroes, crazy dictators, inventors. The possibilities are endless.

On a side note, a sinus infection is almost brewing, but I think I just might be winning. Go me!

2 fabulous friends:

Rhea said...

Oh, I hope you win the battle against the sinus infection!

I rarely run into someone with my first name, so I'm always shocked when I do. It is weird to think other people out there have your name. This was a fun post!

I joined facebook recently as well and found a ton of high school friends on there! I went to a small private high school with lots of boarding students, so it's been fun to reconnect with everyone.

Bilary said...

I think it would be fun to join facebook. But you know when you wonder what other people you went to high school with will think of you now? Not that I really care, but I kinda do. I'm weird.

Funny little name thing...When Bill and I got married, the Clintons were in office and we sent them a wedding announcement just to show their names were the same as ours, and we got a card back from the White House. Then we went on our honeymoon to D.C. and took pictures in front of the White House pretending to be the first couple. Pretty fun.

Anyways, you go on the sinus infection! I hope you kick it quick!