Don't criticize the help

I am learning that when you ask for help from the kid crew......you can't always get the desired result........but I am thankful that it is done.

That is a little better. I think that we have way too many kid/plastic utensils. We even have the Halloween ghost and pumpkin forks and spoons in use! They are just too fun to toss in recycle. Who says that you can't celebrate every day?

And there's always the Quality Control Guy who destroys any progress that you have made unless it is completed to standard....or so he claims.

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Hayden does the same for me. And it is funny that you have Halloween stuff in your drawer. We have Halloween straws in our utensil drawer. I love it! See... We were destined to be friends! :)

And I love your email reply with teh pink! I seriously LOVE pink! Anyway, I will get an email back to you soon. It is a crazy day with the school play and all the other normal craziness we have...

Rhea said...

Great visuals to go with that post! I love the before and after utensil drawer. hehe

I used to have a quality control guy in my home too. Never failed he could undo whatever I was doing faster than I could keep up. lol

He's a cutie!!

LiteralDan said...

Quality control... is THAT what my daughter is always doing? I've had her pegged all wrong.

Your silverware drawer looks an awful lot like ours. Usually the before more than the after--nice work!